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  1. Noob Business Girl

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    Which Royal Mail service do you use when shipping your customer's parcels?

    Tracked 48/24?

    Signed For?

    Have your customers reached out asking where their parcels are/has it affected them lately?

    I'm also wondering about Royal Mail click and drop, how different is it from Royal Mail send when you purchase the label online?

    Thank you!
    Posted: Feb 17, 2021 By: Noob Business Girl Member since: Jun 15, 2020
  2. paulears

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    I use click and drop because of the huge queues in the post office and I feel guilty, plus you get nice receipts and it works fine - UNTIL - there is a problem. Signed for is totally useless at the moment because all it does is get the postman's scribble - so the customer can say they didn't receive it, and royal mail say they have, but can offer no evidence. Other firms take pictures or collect evidence. RM don't. It was delivered and signed for they say (as in the parcel in dispute this week) The customer could be scamming me, but as my postman just got fired for throwing parcels behind a fence, it's tricky. The complaints process is clunky and impersonal and after three days I got back a response showing they totally misunderstood the problem.

    Parcelforce 48 is doing better and does proper tracking - 1st class signed for is NOT tracked - it just says delivered. claims take 3 days to even activate, and of course you need to supply them with your cost price info - they do NOT pay what the customer paid, they pay what it cost you, plus the postage. My parcels are just under five quid, or just under seven - and parcelforce is only a bit more with proper tracking, as I can claim the VAT back on Parcelforce, and you can't on RM UPS for me is less convenient and too expensive.

    For what it is worth - RM in my area are very short of staff and the depot is bursting at the seams - but my parcel man looks after me. Normally RM are pretty speedy - but when they lose things they suck!
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  3. DontAsk

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    Small Parcel purchased over the cunter - see my other reply about what free tracking that gives you.

    We sometimes get enquiries.
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  4. Mr D

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    We use click and drop.
    Not normally used tracked - the parcel is given a tracking number anyway as part of normal process and can see if it is delivered or not. So long as postie scans it at the other end.
    Have occasionally had items show not delivered that customer leaves glowing feedback for so it has arrived, just not scanned.

    Mostly when customers claim item not arrived we check tracking and check date. Occasionally someone has chased 2 days after item posted and no chance of delivery that quick.
    Most UK stuff 2nd class is getting there between 1 and 5 days after posting.

    Oh and we pay for post after its delivered. Stuff we sent today we will pay for about the middle of April.
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  5. apricot

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    We use click and drop
    They’ll probably give OLA code which is 48 but it takes 2days. It does give you delivery confirmation, no need to use another service.

    I only use next day delivery if customers pays for it
    Posted: Feb 17, 2021 By: apricot Member since: Apr 7, 2012
  6. Scottishgifts4u

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    We used click and drop.

    We didn’t use signed for or insured as
    a. The value was seldom more than £20-£30.
    b. Probably more importantly RoyalMail never lost anything. Okay maybe we were lucky but in 18 years of selling online (okay not a big site but several thousand per year) we lost the grand total of ONE package.
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  7. Noob Business Girl

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    Are you using the Royal Mail or

    What's the difference between the 2 services?
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  8. DefinitelyMaybeUK

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    We use click and drop.

    Values of items are typically 50-150+ and have only used Tracked 24 - virtually all get delivered next day. Customer gets email notifications from RM (at least they do for last 18 months, never worked previously!). We use SD on request, but find T24 is just as good. RM also imply that as it's business service then will get delivered on Saturdays where have restriction on standard mail being delivered. Can't recall a UK package going missing in last 3 years, but for International Tracked (or Signed/Tracked as fallback), then have had the odd delay to Spain and always to South Africa (now only ship there by carrier!). RM do pay up if not delivered, but it can be a phaff supplying invoices for multiple items. RM collect for free each day if you have enough parcels (~1000 year) or spend enough (this depends when you joined and/or account manager it seems) Else it's ~800 a year to collect - might be worth it rather than queuing each day - depends how you value your time/health. The Tracked 24/48 is a fixed price *regardless* of weight so is quite flexible for us sending multiple items/sizes in a single parcel. Your contracted Tracked 24 /48 is price based on a guestimate of the 'average' expected send amount, and the price can/is revised yearly if you don't meet this.
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