Rolls-Royce invites Director of Loop Card Games for award ceremony

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    The annual Rolls-Royce Science Prize Awards Dinner will be taking place in the Science Museum this year. An annual event created to invest £120,000 into science in schools.

    In 2005 Mrs Eiman Munro entered the competition on behalf of Woodbridge High School and successfully won a merit award. Having established a connection with the organisers, Eiman Munro decided to apply unconventionally to Rolls-Royce Science Prize for a new science project; Top Careers in Science card game. A game used by pupils to learn about the variety of careers available in science.

    Following the successful launch of the new product in January 2007, Loop Cards Publishing Ltd will be providing each guest at the Awards Dinner a complementary pack.

    "This is a great opportunity for the business because it will mean greater exposure for the game within the education sector", Eiman Munro explained, "I am flattered that Rolls-Royce have invited me and want to include the card game to be given to their guests."

    As part of Rolls-Royce goodie bag for its 300 attendees, the Top Careers in Science card game will be included as a complimentary gift for them.


    Further information can be obtained from Mrs Eiman Munro
    Contact: 07939 609 126
    E-mail: [email protected]
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    Hey that's great news!!! Well Done!
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    Onya Mrs M.

    You'll be driving one soon!!

    Kind regards,
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    Wonderful news, well done.

    Jayne :)
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    Well done you!

    My next-door neighbour was head of the (and has just retired from) the Bentley driver training school. What a small world.
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    Totally top. Well done!
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    Well Done!, One Day, We'll all be driving them, I wish everybody well!
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    Is the Rolls-Royce Science Prize Rolls-Royce as in defence and aero engines rather than Rolls-Royce as in cars?

    If so, have you linked up with their (very active) Public Relations department as they do a lot of PR for their education links. It is probably worth a word with them to make the most of any mention of your connection with them.

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    Thanks all, I'm chuffed at the invite.

    Lindsey - that's right they manufacture engines which is why they didn't want to sponsor the Automotive Engineer Career Card. In fact they wanted it made very clearly that they had nothing to do with cars themselves just they've sponsored the Aeronautic Engineer Career Card instead.
    I'm not sure what you mean 'linking up' with their PR dept as I'm already linked with the Marketing Department. Maybe I'll send a press release to their PR department too.

    In fact the way they were happy to work with me was because they had selected my old school for a merit award ..which I applied for on their behalf. I've used this sort of link with major clients in the past like the National Science Centre and the Institute of Physics (who already selected me to receive an Eintstein Bursary for 2005! - which I turned down for the sake of the business!!).
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    Hi Eiman,

    It is certainly worth getting in touch with the Rolls PR people to maximise the project - are you dealing with one of the sites, e.g. Derby or Bristol, or is it HQ? Have a word to see if there are any future media opportunities you can link to. By you saying you have linked into their Marketing Department you could be dealing with these people anyway - as someone who used to work very closely with Rolls in my last full-time job their PR and Marketing are very intertwined.

    A lot of the aerospace companies are very keen on promoting links with the education and careers sectors as they, quite rightly, see this as the source of future talent. R-R is one of the most active in this area and so is BAE SYSTEMS. The SBAC (the aerospace trade association I was Head of Communications for) is very heavily into promoting links with education and does a lot to encourage older school age children to find out about working in the industry - at the Farnborough Air Show (which the SBAC organises) they have a dedicated Youth Day, for example. If you want to pursue a link-up with the industry then next year's Farnborough could well be a beneficial focus for you.

    There is also an initiative called 'Launchpad for Learning' which is all about making engineering come alive for school children and there were a series of lectures at last year's Farnborough Youth Day ( The Royal Aeronautical Society is also heavily linked to careers - here's a link to their careers website (

    Congratulations on what you have achieved so far.

    All the best,

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    Lindsey, you're clearly highly clued up in this field as all that you've mentioned is exactly what I discovered last year when I began the project.

    In fact BAE Systems were initially interested but the Aerospace Engineer card was sponsored by then so I didn't pursue them. But also due to the lack of capacity to take on any more sponsors (by then I had 28 altogether!).

    However, I just read through briefly your site and find what you do really interesting. It occured to me that what I was effectively doing was marketing and selling my proposals to these companies.

    I'm currently looking to do the same for the Motor Industry, Construction, Finance, IT & Technology, and a few others that are still in the idea stage. But these 4 are currently being put in that I mean a proposal is being developed for them.

    Also I'm looking to get more sponsorship for the next edition of Top Careers in Science which I want to include a few more companies in the pack (I need a minimum of 4 more).

    I may contact you for further info I am sure you won't mind :)

    Again thanks for your helpful tips.
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    You know where I am if you need some info/advice.

    Good luck with it all.


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