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    Hi guys - if anyone would like to give some feedback on my site - would be eternally grateful - I seem to spend a lot of time worrying about other people's content - and leave my site to it's own devices - which isn't the best idea! It's a simple Squarespace template - and yes am thinking of moving to a WP site - but finding it hard to look at it objectively - so any comments welcome!
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    Hi Charlotte,

    I first looked at your site on my phone and straight away has problems. The hero image and text was almost impossible to read and there was no immediate hook as I couldn't work out what you could do for me. I scrolled down but just saw some generic copy that look written by a failed marketing copywriter.

    You have some packages but they are meaningless without context. What exactly are the basic areas? What PR do I get (what you even thing PR means)?

    There are no calls to action anywhere.

    No case studies, examples or links from the testimonials (making them pointless). Whi is Kevin the DJ, what did you do for him, how much has his business grown?

    I'm sure you are good at your job but people don't want all the things you list. What they want is more clients, more sales, better ranking, reduced costs etc. That's what you need to sell. The methods you use aren't important right now - you won't even know which ones are needed until you have spoken to a potential client. So sell the sizzle not the sausage.
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    I’m getting rid of the packages - you’re totally right they are meaningless - and the home page needs a lot of work - it was knocked up in a weekend when I was just doing a bit of freelance - and I haven’t really looked at it since!

    Case studies are actually due to the published this week so am on my way with that.
    Will add links to testimonials - but mainly it’s going to be the case studies I think that are more helpful.

    Again- thanks for your input - I have pretty much just thrown it together and left it - so it’s so much easier to make a plan to change with someone else taking a look! And bearing in mind I’ve just had an hours conversation arguing with a client that no one cares what tech he uses to build an app - he needs to sell what it can do, am rather embarrassed that you’ve just pointed out the same to me !
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    The hardest part is adding some content - and you have some at least!
    What would be good would be to replace the title 'Marketing for your small business. SEO, Social Media, PR, Email Marketing and much more. Affordable and results driven'. It needs to be shorter (maybe just Small Business Marketing'?) and VERY LARGE.
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