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Discussion in 'Retail' started by BevT, Jun 14, 2012.

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    We are VERY fussy! Only accept someone as a seller once we've seen their work in the flesh and reserve the right to say no to anything they bring in that we don't think is u to scratch. We also insist that they stick within their craft/art genre as we like to keep a good variety of craft techniques on show.
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    Hi doodle. I think we will soon be in a position where we have to, tactfully. tell someone that their work is not what we are looking for! I jst dont want to offend or hurt someone. If you remember I asked for advice a few months ago and am grateful for your advice etc. We are yet to get stock from makers as we are still clearing out old stock bought at valuation. But we have now got some contacts and will be stocking locally made items in new year probably on a commision basis as this seems to be what the makers prefer. But one thing wanted to ask re display - we have a combination of shelving and glass display cabinets. Do you get makers to sort out their own display? And can you recommend best way to display home made cards much of which will be one offs?
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    Hi Bev - cards are a pain to display. We have 4 card spinners and 3 tiered stands which take up almost 12 feet of wall space, absolute nuisance the whole thing as we have 6 card makers who all bring in cards and rarely put them in the right place so "occasions" get muddled and customers hate it! Spend my life sorting the darned things out, have taken to removing cards not put in the right place which is helping to keep discipline a bit better though!!
    One thing I keep telling our card makers is that customers want cards for specific occasions, card makers on the other hand, want to make cards that will "cover all options" so we are clamping down on the "Best Wishes" and blank cards as people don't want them.
    If you've only got a few cards, they look quite nice in a basket - you know those rectangular ones? Anything that your seller needs in order to see should be THEIR responsibility - you provide the space, they provide anything else, but if you don't like what they've done, you tell 'em! Don't get conned into buying stands, risers etc - that's their problem!
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    I'm just adding to this thread to ask that newbies to the forum finding this thread PLEASE STOP emailing me asking for information, copies of contracts, etc. I have given lots of information about shelf rental on this thread and others on the forum, there is NO NEED to ask for any more.
    I am currently receiving 4--7 emails EVERY WEEK from people who are "thinking about starting up" the same sort of business as I am running and want more info.
    Please, do your OWN research, write your OWN contracts with your artists - you can pay for your OWN legal advice to make sure your contract is sufficient/appropriate for YOUR needs. I spent five years and quite a bit of money getting my plans together before I felt that it was ready to turn into a real business - I am now running that business and that's where I want to be focusing my energies.
    So, as from NOW I will NOT be responding to requests that are received in this regard anymore - either as PMs on this forum or as direct requests to my shop email address.
    I have better things to do
    Thank you.
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    And I would just lie to say a very big 'Thank You' to Doodles for all your input and info sharing here, plus the real life experiences of running her shop. Very informative, warm and funny , plus extremely useful lessons in how to handle it when things go wrong.
    VG. well done, Gold Star
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  6. Hi, I make and sell traditional patchwork cushions, eco friendly bags, rag rugs and 3D textile cushions and corsages in additin to patchwork party bags, I have in the past sold on a rent a space system in various galleries, I have also sold through my own website , ebay and exclusive shops for commission and silk items. I would be happy to send you pictures of my items and discuss terms of you displaying and selling my items in your shop.

    regards Jo:)
    Posted: Jan 26, 2013 By: eviemoiuse cxreations Member since: Jan 26, 2013
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