Removals company urgent problem

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    Hi all

    Slightly unusual situation here, I would appreciate any input from those who have experience from either side of commercial/domestic removals...

    cutting a long story short, the family business is in crisis, it has been mismanaged by someone who has now left. Between the clients she burned bridges with and the ones she took with her, there is not much left. Basically we are left with a fully functioning company, with no work.

    Im looking for the most efficient/productive route to finding new clients/work/contracts. There is already the standard active SM+website+Google/SEO in place.

    Thanks in advance
    Posted: Aug 15, 2019 at 4:36 PM By: Ted Striker Member since: Aug 15, 2019
  2. fisicx

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    Local radio, billboards, pay for referrals from all the local estate agents, park the vans in car-parks with a 20% discount sticker.

    I'd have thought domestic removals is a one off service. Which means new clients will be finding you via Google and won't know about past history.
    Posted: Aug 15, 2019 at 4:54 PM By: fisicx Member since: Sep 12, 2006
  3. estwig

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    Here in the deepest South East, houses are not selling, no one is moving, the market is completely flat. Brexit!

    You might want to think about commercial moves, or deliveries/courier work.
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  4. Darren_Ssc

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    To answer your question, maybe contact the clients that your ex-employee stole and ask how it's working out for them. Possibly, she offered them a better price but the service is nowhere near as good?

    I'm guessing that no amount of domestic business, in the short/near term is going to make up the shortfall?
    Posted: Aug 15, 2019 at 5:42 PM By: Darren_Ssc Member since: Mar 1, 2019
  5. cts1975

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    Google Adwords
    Ask local estate agents if they would recommend you in return for a commission.
    Ring the clients who have had their bridges burnt and ask them if you can recover the relationship with them.
    How did you get new customers before the business was in crisis?
    Posted: Aug 15, 2019 at 6:02 PM By: cts1975 Member since: Apr 29, 2012
  6. MBE2017

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    Another source is ebay, I used to get a lot of work from it, plus hundreds of free advert sites.

    As mentioned removals is an occasional purchase for most, and I would think it is generally quiet atm.
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  7. antropy

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    Calling around new and old contacts is the best short term solution. Alex
    Posted: Aug 16, 2019 at 10:08 AM By: antropy Member since: Aug 2, 2010
  8. Bronco78th

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    Depends where you are....houses round here (South East Oxfordshire) are selling like hot cakes.....seemingly being bought up by Londoners who have had it with the Capital......and upsetting the native country folk with constant moaning about Farmers clogging up the roads and spreading manure everywhere o_O

    Just had some neighbours from London move in Next door in just the last few weeks actually.
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  9. estwig

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    Maybe it's the Medway towns are a sh*t hole and no one wants to live here, especially the posh folk from the big smoke.
    Posted: Aug 19, 2019 at 4:28 PM By: estwig Member since: Sep 29, 2006
  10. jamieclick

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    Do you have a customer journey planned out by any chance?
    Posted: Aug 21, 2019 at 1:48 AM By: jamieclick Member since: Oct 9, 2009