Regulations on importing wooden goods from Thailand

Discussion in 'International Business' started by denz2uk, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. denz2uk

    denz2uk UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    I need some help. My wife has a business in Thailand that sells wooden furniture, I would like to import this furnature and sell it in the UK but seem to be struggling with finding the relevant regulations, can anyone point me in the right direction.
    Posted: Jul 21, 2010 By: denz2uk Member since: Jul 21, 2010
  2. Paul Kelly ICHYB

    Paul Kelly ICHYB UKBF Legend { Moderator }

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    The wood will need to be certificate and being treated and from sustainable sources. First, ask your supplier/s if they have this and then contact HMRC. They will probbaly point you on to DEFRA....
    Posted: Jul 21, 2010 By: Paul Kelly ICHYB Member since: Jan 21, 2008
  3. Wavecrest Ltd

    Wavecrest Ltd UKBF Enthusiast Free Member

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    You do not need an import licence to import furniture from Thailand. For the customs clearance in the UK you would need a commercial invoice, packing list and bill of lading.

    Additionally, if the exporter in Thailand can get a GSP cerificate (Form A) you will be able to import the goods into the UK at a preferential (i.e. lower) rate of duty.

    Posted: Jul 22, 2010 By: Wavecrest Ltd Member since: Oct 31, 2007
  4. Lorro2

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    Ask yourself if there is a demand for cheap imported far eastern furniture and look at the ethics and morals of going into such a venture.
    Posted: Jul 22, 2010 By: Lorro2 Member since: Dec 29, 2009
  5. willitbe

    willitbe UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    What? Of course there is. People will always sit at a teak table whilst in the garden!

    And who mentioned cheap?
    Posted: Jul 22, 2010 By: willitbe Member since: Aug 25, 2008
  6. Delicious Webdesign

    Delicious Webdesign UKBF Regular Free Member

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    Ethics and Morals of it are very interesting to think about, Europeans can earn about £300 a month while working in Thailand, as you will see here wages for scuba instructors in Thailand

    Thais earn about £80 per month (and thats a very good wage) therefore globalization ensures you can afford to import goods from Thailand
    Posted: Jul 30, 2010 By: Delicious Webdesign Member since: Jun 3, 2008
  7. JoeHe

    JoeHe UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    As I know, fumigating certificate needed if wood products from China, it may similar from Thailand.

    Joe from China
    sarineyin at sourcing at
    Posted: Jul 30, 2010 By: JoeHe Member since: Jul 24, 2010
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