Reduce the churn of customers in recurring payment sphere

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    What do Total Processing do to reduce churn of customers in the recurring payments sphere?

    Pay by Link: We offer customised and branded pay by link services - sent manually or automatically by merchants to both register or take payments.

    Rebilling Tool: When a payment fails to be taken from the usual scheduled service, Total Processing’s rebilling tool automatically reattempts to take payment until the request is satisfied.

    Optimised Payment collection times: Involuntary churn is reduced through our optimised payment algorithm that analyses historical payments and determines the optimum payment collection time.

    Account Updater: Our account updater automatically updates payment information using information from issuing banks via MasterCard and Visa - reducing up to 10% of involuntary declines, & churn.

    Customised Scheduling: Total Processing can build bespoke payment schedules to suit any service.

    Payment Breaks: Our payment schedules can be customised to offer one-click payment breaks without the need to re-register a consumer to a subscription.

    Mitigating Risk: Total Processing offers Total Defence services, where chargeback alerts and a chargeback defender scheme, can be accessed.

    To learn more about recurrence-based payment solutions and other payment processing services get in touch.
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