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    Are the any recruitment companies out there or ideally on here that anybody recommends?

    I am after a rather personal touch as apposed to just them generically sending cv to all companies etc?

    Posted: Mar 3, 2019 By: SSUK Member since: Apr 25, 2012
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    Cannot recommend any of them. Are you speaking as someone looking for a job, or as a company looking for a recruitment agent? If you're looking for a job remember, they act for the company seeking to fill the job, not for you. If you're a company looking to fill a job, remember all they care about is filling the open slots with the candidates they have available to them, in whatever combination that may be, given all their clients and getting their fee.
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    Hello SSUK,

    I understand that you're looking for work yourself?

    Recruitment agencies are typically focused:
    - either on permanent or temporary placements
    - specialised in a sector (apart from the very large ones (e.g., Reed, Adecco, Hays etc...)): e.g., IT or Construction, or Transport
    - specialised in a geographical area (e.g., Sheffield, or Leeds, or West London).

    You might want to go to Google and type " (perm / temp) recruitment agencies xxx (sector) xxx (location)" and see what comes up. A good way to check how agencies treat their candidates is to look at their reviews on Google.

    I hope it helps! Good luck in finding a suitable position.
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