Recruitment Agency Users Feel Lied To

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    An independent recruitment agency scoring website has discovered that 70% of people asked who had looked for work through an agency felt they had been lied to.

    Despite the best efforts of the recruitment industry to improve its reputation 73% of people who were asked if they had ever felt lied to by an agency about a role replied yes.

    1074 people who have been to a recruitment agency looking for a new role took part in the survey for independent agency scoring site

    Nearly 90%* of people surveyed felt the recruitment industry should do more to increase its transparency and more worryingly 56% felt that they had been pressured into going for a role by an agency.

    81% admitted that they preferred to go direct to a company about a role rather than via an agency and just over 70% felt that online job boards and forums made the recruitment process easier.

    Lisette Howlett is the Managing Director of and commenting on the results she said,

    "The results make for worrying reading for the recruitment agency industry especially the fact that so many people feel that they were pressured into going for a role".

    She continued,

    "It is not all doom and gloom for the industry though as 85% of people said that they are willing and confident enough to give 'totally honest feedback' on agencies if the companies themselves are willing to listen and a confidential communication mechanism is set in place".

    Already over 12 thousand people have visited and respected companies such as Unilever, Woolworths, Barclays, Corus, Nissan and Deutsch Bank have also signed up to the site in order to learn more about which are the best recruitment agencies to use.

    Top recruitment agencies such as Michael Page, Angela Mortimer and Robert Half have also joined the site and are encouraging their candidates to give feedback via

    Candidates and employers are asked to score recruitment companies on a number of set criteria and from this the performance league tables are formed. Detailed feedback is also obtained and made available through confidential reports.

    The site then enables companies and candidates to freely see which recruitment agencies are considered the best by people who have already been through the process of finding a new job.

    Thanks to the feedback and scoring since the launch of the site a few months ago a league table has already been formed showing the top ten recruitment agencies according to people who have been through the experience to get a new job.

    No1 - Johnstones Unique Recruitment Solutions
    No2 - Parkhouse Bell Ltd
    No3 - Whitehall Consultants
    No4 - BLT (Beament Leslie Thomas)
    No5 - Heidrick & Struggles
    No6 - Seltek Consultants Ltd
    No7 - PSD Group
    No8 - Hays IT
    No9 - Chapple Limited
    No10 - Sapphire Resource Group

    The Hays Group recently signed up to the site and Hays IT is its first division to make the top 10. Tops scores also continue to be gained by smaller niche agencies who are able to gain new clients and candidates though strong performance and excellent ratings.

    For further information or to see the recruitment agency tables so far click on to

    High-resolution images available on request.


    Editors Notes

    Sample size 1074

    *88.6% answered yes to the question: "Do you think the recruitment agency industry should more transparent (so you can see how agencies work)?"

    For further information contact Andy on 01452 527898 or andy @ 10Yetis .

    §Hire Scores website is totally independent and not linked to a job board or recruiter which makes it ideally placed to provide such information
    §Hire Scores is committed to fair feedback with checks and balances in place to support this
    §Free to use for all with a strong and growing knowledge centre
    §Lisette has over 20 years industry experience with such firms as ICI, Zeneca/AstraZeneca and Syngenta as well as local government and the public sector.
    §Hire Scores is about creating a community in the recruitment and working space supported by a forum which uniquely seeks to bring together all the elements involved in recruitment.
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    i agree with the report - i think agency's are cowboys of the recruitment world.

    e.g. - i applied for a job with BT -- but through out the whole lot, i never once spoke to someone actually from BT!!

    it was all done through an agency - i phoned up, i ticked all the right boxes for what they were "looking for" even past the phone interview with flying colours...i was then told to go the next day to the BT building, for a personal FACE TO FACE INTERVIEW...which i thought - great!

    i was told (by the agency) to bring my CV, proof of ID/address and national insurance number.

    i got there 15 mins early - but wasn't seen to until 20 mins after my 11:15am interview. i was then carted into the recruitment agency's room, where i was sat in front of a computer, and was asked to do a personality questionnaire. the result of which is sent to them outside of my knowledge...then a different man came and told me i had failed the questionnaire - through out the whole thing, 4 different people (from the agency, on that day) dealt with me, and non of them ever asked to look at my C.V. etc.

    I feel i was able to do the job (else i would never of applied in the 1st place!) yet was dismissed without any verbal interview.

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    Good press release I must say.
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    Gosh, Mr Wise, that is a pretty scary story and the HR person in me wants to ask all sorts of questions about which psychometrics you used - but I will resist.

    The site was set up to provide a directory of recruitment agencies which included some feedback on candidates experiences of them. This helps at both ends of the spectrum - highlighting the agencies that people have had problems with and equally ones that go the extra mile. I was also really interested to read your comment about your experience since they highlight something that I think is an issue for companies which is that their employer brand is being represented by a third party partner and yet they have no way of judging how well from the candidates perspective. And yet research (not mine!) shows that people make commercial purchasing decisions about the company based on these experiences (scary stuff).

    Final comment is just to say that I have been delighted by the reception of the recruiters who have signed up to the site which shows that many are keen to do the best for their candidates.
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    Cheers dude.... much appreciated.
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    Interesting thread, where did you get your stats from then?
    Personally I don't think the percentages are as high as you say......
    Posted: Sep 3, 2007 By: Richie N Member since: Nov 1, 2006
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    Dont know about the perception of recruitment agencies lying is but have several first hand experiences of when they have lied to me.

    I am however surprised by the comments on transparency as I have never thought there was an issue on this, just the honesty part.

    The first half of the artical is very well written but the second half does feel a little like a list to me - also cynical of comments such as blue chip companies have signed up when total visitors is "only" 12k but assume you have validated that they are "company" signups and not just individuals using their works email address etc.
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    Hi Richie - it was an Independent survey with 1074 respondents. Actually I was quite surprised by how high they were. I added the question about giving honest feedback if confidential with some trepidation so was delighted by that response :)
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    Hi Dan

    The transparency - I think this might be connected with things such as the strong perception that agencies place false ads to harvest CVs and stuff like that. Only a theory, mind.

    Re the blue chips - you forget that my background is bluechip. In fact I have been very pleased with the response by employers and have active support and sponsorship from two bluechips and in serious discussion with a number of the very large multinationals about extended use of the site's other (less public) services around recruitment and feedback.

    Re the list - we basically list the top 10 in each of our press releases - it gives good PR coverage to the agencies. So not only does it feel like a list - it is a list :)

    Anyway, I will not bang on here since the survey and press release were done by 10 Yetis (and I think Andy did an excellent job of it - thank you Andy)
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    I am not disputing the validity of the claims mearly stating what my reaction (and therefore the reaction of some other readers) is to this type of statement for both your and Andy's consideration. It could well be that I am not the sort of target audience you have in mind and therefore it doesnt matter what sort of reaction I/ "we" would have :)
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    With this being a press release it is written in such a way that it will hopefully appeal to journo's (based only on my experience, so I am the first to accept there may be better ways of doing it).

    The first half is the main body of the story, giving a bit of narrative and the second half is in effect just a load of points that hacks could strip out and add as filler to their story.

    Hope this explains the somewhat disjointed style of writing.
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    Agency driver, stop bumping up old threads from the past and get over it.
    If you aren't happy using agencies, then try your local job centre, am sure it will be more productive than searching through old threads on here.
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    I enjoyed reading this post, good information! James Caan previously owned a recruitment company called the "alexander mann group", how does that company rank on

    "70% felt that online job boards and forums made the recruitment process easier."- I aggree with these people. I believe it is easier done through an agency.
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    I have been contracting for several years and I relied on these agencies for work. The number of agents who had no clue about the role they were finding candidates for was scary enough. Some admitted that they weren't familiar with the system I used and learned a lot. However there are enough bodyshop style agencies out there that tells me that the figure isn't far off the mark especially in IT.

    Too many roles advertised are CV hunting. You can get to tell which ones they are from the ad or by talking to the agent. I dealt with a select number because I had developed a relationship with them. Once they really know you they cut the BS and will treat you right. Until then you are just commission.

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    Hi Friends,

    I am surprised by reading this reviews. But with me its completely different i got placed through an IT consultancy last month. The company in which i m working is one of the best IT company. I am working on a nice position. The consultancy through which i m placed is an ISO certified agency.
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