Ready to Give Up pre 1 year...please help

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by BeautyStartUp, Mar 6, 2019.

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    Important to add that he needs to be a full member in order to request site reviews.
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    Yep it is not easy and it is not instant, however there is some good advice here, I would take it and run with it. You have to keep tweaking until you get it right and it does feel like you are banging your head against a wall but that is the game. Be thankful it is or anyone could just pop up and take your business. Only the strongest survive so if you are up for the challenge keep at it but if your heart isn't in it let it go as it won't be a smooth or easy ride.
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    Hi everyone, sorry kid duty called! Thank you for your words of encouragement and insight. It really is helpful after the day I've had ;) I didn't know if I was able to post my site as I am a new member but the business name is Rare Beauty. There is no other like it.

    Very happy for all constructive criticism, although I do have a list of changes I want to make, if I only had the budget!
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    Yes a website is never done! Here are some quick fixes that will help your conversion.

    What is most important to you email addresses or sales? If it is the latter, get rid of the popup, this is a mistake a lot of companies make and it does hurt conversion.

    Make the free shipping notice more visible with a different colour and image. This is a conversion enhancer so you want t make sure it stands out.

    Put your product cats in the main menu rather than all the rest, they don't really care about your blog, your residents or you, they want easy access to products and the contact page, thats it.

    There are a lot of products up there are your descriptions unique or have you copied them from your suppliers, if it is the latter you need to change this as duplicate content will be hurting your seo.

    There is more but this is what I would start with.
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    hi thanks for these suggestions. I am unsure about the pop up as have had different advice but I think I may trial removing it for a while and tracking activity but placing more sign up CTA's throughout the site - I do get on average 3/4 sign ups a week but usually by people who are about or ready to buy (as they then place an order using the code). Yes the menu IS going to change to exactly what you describe, just waiting for my web developer to come back with a quote etc. Re products, I am working on the SEO as when I started I didn't realise what an impact it would have but now I am re writing all PD's when I launch a new product and I need to go back and do some of the first products I added. SO again, a work in progress! Thank you for taking the time to look I appreciate it :)
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    As highlighted by other people 9 months is not that long. Maybe think outside of the box when it comes to marketing and selling your products? Have you thought to involve the local community more? Create more marketing material such as leaflets to put through people's letter boxes? Alex
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    You don't need your web developer, it is wordpress, go to appearances > menu. Your web developer has created the main frame of the site, however the beauty with wordpress is that you can make a lot of changes yourself.

    Maybe use your developer to create a second menu that is small and above your logo for other items such as account.

    The pop up, split run test it, I bet your bounce rate goes down dramatically. At the moment you are sacrificing sales for email addresses.
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    How do you split run test the pop up?
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    You split run test the page and activate the popup on either the a or b test. It depends on how your pop up is configured.
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    Here's a few suggestions (excuse me if this sounds a bit blunt, intended in a helpful spirit!):
    • Your website seems over busy, with so much going on that you don't know where to look. There isn't a clear proposition. You need to clearly state your purpose and value as a retailer, right at the top, e.g. "We've tracked down the rare finds in organic beauty". Pick one image, not twenty, and lead with that.
    • The newsletter pop-up does not serve your customers, it serves your marketing purposes. Make your website customer-centric instead and get rid of it.
    • What works for you? I bet social doesn't, but somehow we all get on the treadmill. PPC has huge potential for you so pour your energies into that.
    • Consider your first year as research into the most effective marketing methods, learn what works, and abandon those that aren't delivering for you
    Well done to you for getting this far. If you can manage to hang on, I think that this one will come right. I've worked with another organic skincare retailer and would be happy to offer personalised advice if you wish. Good luck!
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    Your lead capture proposition sucks. Instead of "10% off first order" try "see special offers here" and then instead of "I consent to receiving regular newsletters from Rare Beauty." which sounds really boring try "Yes I want your tips and tricks and special offers. Please send me my 10% off the first order voucher" Only ask first name and email for the subscription. You'll get their full details when they order. Email them every day with tips and tricks and each week make a special offer. If you google PLR natural skincare there are thousands of articles that you can buy and edit to suit your products. If your products are vegan friendly Google vegan forums and post regularly in them. Post articles on the importance of diet for skin.

    Try for a couple of weeks switching your front page to your about page. Never use the term "sign up" that has connotations of the army or a loan. Use "Receive" or "get your hands on" Don't call your emails a newsletter just tips, tricks and special offers. You could easily load 365 emails into an autoresponder and have them set to go out every day then broadcast your offers each week. try sending them out different days until you find which day of the week gets best response.

    I only know one person in your niche. She has opted to use fulfilled by Amazon. She makes a batch of product ships it straight to Amazon and when she emails her customers, she has a list of over 10,000, the link goes straight to her amazon sales page and they fulfill the order. As sales come in Amazon pushes her product up their search results and she gets new customers from that. She is also an Amazon affiliate and reviews a different skincare book every month. I have no idea what her turnover is but she employs four people and just bought herself a tesla.
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    You've mentioned Adwords isn't working for you but also mentioned all your sales this month are from Google Shopping. You need to determine which is it. If Google Shopping is the only place bringing in sales and you stop Adwords, you will lose out on all sales. You need to set up remarketing campaigns to target to those who visited your products. That will immediately help your PPC conversion rate.

    Try to determine if you got any sales from blogger gifting. Give them specific discount codes to use and track to see the day after they post if that item sold and if their discount was used.

    Keep sending out the newsletter and try to offer discount codes if possible. Everyone likes a discount especially in competitive niche.
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    I was thinking to have my own small business as well, the factor is that I need money and the courage to give up my job. So you are much better than me, you made the really big first step and you tried to fix every problem that you faced.
    In my opinion, to build up an e-commerce store is not hard and it really depends on which online store you want. You can run the business on Amazon, eBay or others, but think a suitable one.
    Have a try, I believe you can do very well.
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    Are you using remarketing adverts?
    You can make a small company look like a huge one with well designed remarketing adverts.

    You know when you look at an item on eBay, then banners keep popping up everywhere reminding you of that item you looked at and tempting you back to look again & buy it.

    That’s called remarketing.

    You can do the same.
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    Late to the party, but my advice is to explore your Google Adwords account UI where your PPC and Google Products are managed. In there you can find out what search phrases are actually being used to serve your adverts. Some of them may not be what you wanted e.g. "Free Natural Beauty Products". You can stop these money-wasting clicks with negative keywords. Also find out about exact phrase searches as these can be more useful than single keywords.

    Google is always on hand to waste your advertising money. You need to guard against this.
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    That will only work if your login is an administrators account login.

    You may not have access to the site options if your account is set as a different type of user.
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    I would defintly encourage you to keep going - new businesses are really hard going, but it seems like you have a great concept and have gained some valueable tracktion so far. Keep pushing on.
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