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Dec 11, 2019
Hang in there, all sectors are different. FWIW, I've always thought my business is a good bellwether for UK plc as we operate across a few different industries with a diverse customer base, SME and PLC, consequently we get a good feel of who/what is busy and what isn't. Overall, it is very busy at the moment, those clients who didn't so well last year are really bouncing back hard now. I am not in the services sector though so this is more telling and indicative of I guess the wider public's consumption appetite. This anecdotal experience chimes with a lot of economists who are revising UK plc GDP 2020 numbers up following promising data, it does look like people are unleashing some of that spending.
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Mar 30, 2010
It’s definitely been a quiet month for me. I’ve noticed since the lockdown eased after the initial buzz and rush quickly the dust had settled. Definitely it’s been the quietest month for me in 5 years.

Hoping things resume back to prelockdown swiftly but I not optimistic as people have gotten used to the norm now
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