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Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by Darryle10, Mar 26, 2019.

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  1. Darryle10

    Darryle10 UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    We have an amazon/ebay based retail business(in the mids of building a large retail website with around 80,000 products) and were looking to use an accounting software to link these together, for an easier life as well as to spend more time creating more potential sales.
    With us using Amazon and eBay, we currently use an excel spreadsheet with formula's and to deduct the cost of amazon/ebay fee's, VAT and postage costs to give us an end profit/loss of each sale we do. BUT manually entering this takes up a fair amount of our time, roughly an hour/two hours a day depending on how many orders come through either platform.

    Does anyone use any of the accounting software to do the same thing as our Excel sheet?
    If you do, which one do you use and why?
    Posted: Mar 26, 2019 By: Darryle10 Member since: Mar 26, 2019
  2. WebShopAssist

    WebShopAssist UKBF Contributor Full Member

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    I'm working on Shopify stores and for one of the stores I developed we integrated both Amazon and eBay with Shopify in order to manage orders from all three channels in one place.
    Depending on what platform you are using for your retail website, it might have this king of functionality ... or not.
    Also, ERP systems usually have this type of features, rather than accounting software.
    Posted: Mar 27, 2019 By: WebShopAssist Member since: Feb 25, 2019
  3. Cloud Commerce Pro

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    WebShopAssist is absolutely right. ERP systems are designed to provide integration between the many services you need in eCommerce. That can be accounting software, couriers, payment gateways, even your CRM if your ERP system of choice doesn't have an integrated one.

    The overall goal is to automate time-consuming manual tasks that are prone to error. It's great to cut down the time lost, but eliminating the human error factor is essential - especially when you're dealing with your accounts, where one error can have serious knock-on effects down the line.

    In the spirit of full disclosure, Cloud Commerce Pro is one of the systems you'll find if you research this area. We directly integrate with eBay, Amazon, QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage 50 among others.
    Posted: Mar 27, 2019 By: Cloud Commerce Pro Member since: Jul 21, 2017
  4. antropy

    antropy OpenCart Experts Full Member - Verified Business

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    We are seeing more and more of our clients going with Xero so they must be doing something right. Alex
    Posted: Mar 27, 2019 By: antropy Member since: Aug 2, 2010
  5. The Byre

    The Byre UKBF Legend Full Member

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    SAP has a series of packages dedicated to online sales.
    Posted: Mar 27, 2019 By: The Byre Member since: Aug 13, 2013
  6. Page

    Page UKBF Big Shot Free Member

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    Are you looking to do accounting or profit reporting and with loads of reporting angles and options. Sales in date ranges etc
    If you report every sale in your accounting package you will end up with a far less useful accounts reporting package.

    I had designed a system using QuickBooks for the sales by item so that I could report from every which angle. The hard work of the design etc was all done and even though I say it my self it was a darned neat bit of stuff.

    So you need to first work out which of the two you are asking for. But DON'T try and merge them together.
    Posted: Apr 2, 2019 By: Page Member since: Jul 28, 2007
  7. Page

    Page UKBF Big Shot Free Member

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    And if you want reporting you need to sit back and work out what you want the reporting for and so what reports you need and so the structures you need etc etc

    Don't count beans for the sake of counting beans. Know why you are counting them. What does doing so give you and is it worth the time. Or could that time be better used on something else
    Posted: Apr 2, 2019 By: Page Member since: Jul 28, 2007
  8. Page

    Page UKBF Big Shot Free Member

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    You may also find yourself coming up against limits in software packages and the number of items and transactions that they can handle
    Posted: Apr 2, 2019 By: Page Member since: Jul 28, 2007
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