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    Hi all, new here and just doing a bit of market research about gym/fitness wear.
    I’m at the planning stages of my new venture and just trying to get as much information as possible and would also love and benefit to hear the main points to think of whilst planning for a new business. My new venture is going to be creating a new brand for sport/gym clothing, so every bit of help is appreciated. My story behind this idea is, I was hospitalised a few years ago with pericarditis (inflammation in my heart) and was over weight. Once I had recovered from this, I decided to start my fitness journey and become a better version of me! I have since lost almost 4 stone, I’m much healthier and have lasted almost 3 years without any sort of flare up/reoccurrence. I hope this forum will help me with my business idea and thank you so much for reading!
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    Welcome to the forum - and we'll done on your journey back to health!

    My advice on using the forum is to ask clear, concise questions - they tend to get clear concise answers.

    Also, be receptive to the answers you don't want to hear - they are often more valuable than the ones you do!
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    Hi Owen and welcome to UKBF. Fitness wear is like fashion: expensive and hugely competitive.

    Whilst your journey is important to you nobody else really cares. All that matters is them finding the right sports gear. Which means a whole load of marketing expense and finding people to stock the products. Why would anyone want to buy your unknown brand when there are already a huge number of established brands to choose from. What’s your USP?
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    To be able to compete with the other brands you need to make in large numbers, making one or say ten items means massive making costs be it buying fabric in small amounts or getting someone / factory to make small numbers. when you make say 50 of a size, colour, then production costs per item are very small and your buying fabric at commercial prices.

    Then there is the quality to think about, having the experience and maybe more importantly the right equipment and skilled makers does a lot to help quality, using this will do tends to work but may effect quality

    Knock up some samples and see how they look and the full costs involved, you may well succeed as a small time maker, but be prepared to spend a lot of any profit on sales and marketing
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    I train most days and I like Nike Dry fit and Adidas Climalite
    but and here is the big but
    There is only one independent brand that I only ever buy
    British Vintage Boxing

    If you can tag a small label onto a theme you could gain a loyal following
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