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    Hi All,

    I’m looking to test the waters slightly and see what the demand is for part-time quantity surveying/estimating for Sub-Contractors and small main contractors.

    To give some background I’m a QS currently working in the South East with 8 years of experience working within residential development, commercial fit-out and residential refurbishment. With a view to set up a business offering quantity surveying and estimating services in the near future. I’m also looking at undertaking training in Construction Adjudication next year to potential offer services in Payment Disputes and Adjudication proceedings.

    Some of the things that I’m interested in knowing are as follows;

    • Experiences using these services.
    • Experiences providing these services.
    • Requirements (I.E How often would you use them, etc…)
    • Remote Working with occasional FtF meetings or Office/Site Based?

    Any feedback would be most appreciated!

    Thank you.
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    Occasionally, there are posts here from tradespeople looking for advice on things where they are clearly out of their depth because they have no formal 'construction' education and/or they are just inexperienced.

    Going from 'one man band' to a proper contractor engaging the services of a chartered QS is a big leap and I think there is a need for a more informal, middle-ground service such as you are proposing.

    Obviously, getting a critical mass of such people on board is going to be difficult but your are definitely on to something.

    [I worked in commercial construction in a previous life]
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    There is undoubtedly a huge demand for these types of services - A couple of our clients are estimators and make some good money from it.

    Like with everything though, as demand for these services has grown, a lot of cowboys have entered the market offering it very cheap and providing awful results giving the trade yet more bad reputation - We came across a company not so long ago who were charging £45 for full new build estimations with a 12-hour turnaround. That's just an example of the dross that's out there.

    I am a big believer in partnerships and referrals. A service such as this would be ideal for contractors who are already with recognised services such as the Federation of Master Builders, Checkatrade, Which? Trusted Traders etc - All these types of services have Member Benefits areas for discounts and access to things like Fuel Cards, Insurance, Van Hire etc so maybe approach and find out how to go about getting yourself listed as a supplier of a service to their current members.

    I have contacts with a lot of companies such as the ones listed above so if you want any advice or to speak further feel free to drop me a PM
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    Hi SlimSlim,

    I am or was a QS for the past 13 years working for main contractors similar to yourself working on projects within the Residential,Health,Commercial,aviation & Retail sectors but have recently decided to go it alone by setting up a multi trade construction business.

    I had enough of all the garbage politics working for MC's, but wanted to wish you good luck with your venture.

    Just realised you posted this in Sep 19, have you made any traction with your business?

    P.S if anyone needs any commercial advice on building projects, feel free to get in touch.
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    Hi Taxing

    Thanks for the reply, been awhile since I've checked back on this forum!

    To date I'd put my plans for this venture on hold as I brought a house earlier this year and with the ongoing COVID situation making me hesitant to jump out of a secure job just now.

    However I've used the time to plan and set up processes for potentially making the jump early in the new year.

    Definitely know what you mean about the politics at MCs and major developers ;)

    Out of interest how are you looking at structuring your multi-trade business? Will you be subcontracting the works out or taking on in house staff? As this has been another potential route that I've been looking into.

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