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Discussion in 'International Business' started by ChristopherMorris, Feb 21, 2018.

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    Hi, I'm looking to start my own business selling promotional merchandise. Pens, mugs, etc.
    Everybody seems to have the same or similar catalogue with the same prices.
    Does anyone know how I can actually tap into the source and who the wholesalers are.
    I've tried the web but it's a need in a haystack job!!!
    Thank you
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  2. The Byre

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    The suppliers are in China, India and places like that. For fast turnaround and healthy profits, you have to buy t-shirts, mugs, pens etc. in bulk and have the kit to personalise them.
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  3. Mr D

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    For clothing you could try UK clothing suppliers. Little place I used to know did a lot of personalised / corporate clothing and rang up their supplier to get particular sizes in with the right colour.

    Have you tried an industry trade body? They may be able to suggest places to look or who to contact.

    You've just missed the recent trade show by about 3 weeks but may well be others to attend.
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  4. Maple Sourcing

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    What specific products are you after? If you need many types of different products (in different industry) but each in small QTY, it's worthwhile to work with an agent or a wholesaler.
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    i think you got to search more suppliers, and then narrow down after comparing their prices and checking their samples quality.
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    Ask for some samples first to test the quality and then place trial order before bulk production
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