Product Certifications in China £199

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    Have your products in China certified independently.

    Relying on a manufacturer's report may not be as reliable as it seems for the following reasons:

    a. Does the certificate cover your specific batch/product?

    b. Have new regulations been introduced since the report date?

    c. Do you have the full report, or just Conformity of Certificate?

    d. Can you rely on the report in the event of product failure/problems?

    e. Do the model numbers and photos match your exact product?

    f. Have there been any modifications since the report?

    We carry out the following precautions:

    1. Samples products taken from the actual production batch.

    2. Instruct an approved testing house.

    3. Ensure up to date compliance for your products.

    4. Provide you with the full reports.

    5. Certificates in your name.

    For further details on the above services, please click on the following link:
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