Print on demand service for letter, certificate and envelope?

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    We are currently printing 30ish letters and certificates a daily and placing them into pre-printed envelopes, along with a card backing. These are then inserted into a poly mailer.

    To do this, we are buying letterhead, card based certificates and pre-printed envelopes from an online print shop. We then print what we need over the top of this with a home office printer.

    I'm not worried about quality so much as the route we are currently taking is producing more then adequate quality. However our demand is increasing rapidly. I'd like to use a service that will handle the printing of the letters and certificates and preferably the subsequent stuffing into printed envelopes... however I'd also be up for a service that sends them next day to me for onward packing.

    Do they exist? What terms am I looking for? I'm based in the UK. So far I've found a few companies that will print letters onto a letterhead design but not the rest of the process.

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    You need it in a A4 size? Can't use a postcard or similar?

    As then you would probably have more options.
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    I use CFH Docmail for hybrid post and they could do this!
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