Pre-Start Up: Small Business. Question on Subcontractors expenses

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    I am doing investigation research into a potential small business I would like to set up. It will be sports event photography, shooting large event's with sometime 2000 or more people in. I would be a sole trader. It would be a small business initially with a limited budget.

    The question is over allowable expenses for Subcontractors as I can't afford or do not need 'Staff on the payroll' per say!

    Further clarity:

    The business will not have any payroll staff nor PAYE staff. However, I will need to hire 'ad hoc' sub contractors to undertake any projects gained as it simply will not be possible for 1 person to undertake alone. I will need to hire Subcontractors (Which are freelance photographers) on a set fee agreed rate in order to actually cover any events with many people in. This will be short term hires, anything from 1 day to half a day. I will keep all invoices from the freelancers that will match to a corresponding payment to them. I will be paying them directly from the business so, It will also be at my own expense therefore more of my own on-going operational expenses.

    Can somebody please help clarify if this is a valid and allowable on-going business expense?

    I am pretty certain it should be however, I am getting some UN-usal responses regarding paying NI contributions etc! Also, most of the on-line reading I have done only refers to subcontractors in the building industry.

    Thank you kindly for any advice!
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    Thank you Scalloway for your kind help.
    That is as I thought however, some people have already asked me to clarify this. And some others keep reffering me to information on PAYE and details related to Staff in the sense that I am an employer. Best regards
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