Powerful B2B Lead Generation Service - Case Studies Wanted!

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    Powerful B2B Lead Generation Service - Case Studies Wanted!

    I’m glad to be able to offer a new, powerful lead generation service to all of those operating within the B2B sphere.

    If you’re in need of a consistent flow of leads every month to keep your pipeline full, this is the perfect service.

    So, what do we actually do?

    To put it simply, we conduct quirky outbound email campaigns that get results:
    • We find the correct decision makers and their direct email addresses​
    • We write a series of unique, comical emails and follow ups​
    • We send them off (in a way that doesn’t get them sent straight to the junk folder)​
    • We watch the replies come rolling in…​

    See for yourself below. This was from just the 1st week with a client:









    As you can probably tell, Charli was pretty happy with her campaign...

    What we do works. And it works well.

    Our Offer:

    We’re still in our infancy (I won’t even put the website up on here because it looks like utter nonsense), so we’re looking for more case studies to bolster our portfolio.

    This is where you lovely lot come in.

    In light of this, I’d like to dangle some proverbial fruit for all UKBF members:

    1 month trial of our services for £449. That’s a full campaign for 50% off.

    That’s 1000 emails sent to the right people, in the right companies

    You pick the industries you want to target
    You pick the job titles you want to target
    You pick the company size or revenue you want to target

    So if you want a refreshing, unique twist on email lead generation, I’m your guy. What we do transforms businesses, let us transform yours too.

    Send me a PM or email me on [email protected]

    Cheers all,


    P.S. Are you looking to seriously ramp up? We’re experimenting with an even more powerful service that could bring in 40-50 or almost 100 leads per month. If you have the capacity to handle a serious number of leads all year round, this could be for you.​
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