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    Hi All,
    I’m currently employed full time but want to look into starting a photography business.
    Initially I will continue working full time and then hopefully go part time and then ideally start photography full time.
    I want to do child photography as well as parties. I have no idea what I need in terms of insurances, tax payments and when I need to start tracking that. If for example I do a job a month to begin with for a nominal amount do I still follow the same process as all businesses?
    Are there any books, websites, courses anyone would recommend?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. The Byre

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    Everybody and their mothers-in-law want to start up as photographers.
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    I'm nothing more than an amateur photographer so I'm not 100% on what you'll need. Two types of insurance you'll want right off the bat though are public liability insurance and insurance for your equipment itself (in case someone decides to pinch it!). As I understand it, it's quite common for photographers to invest in higher level models (like the Canon 7D) that feature slots for dual SD cards. The idea being that if the data gets corrupted on one, you have a backup.
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    And what exactly is your point. Everyone and their mothers sell crap on Amazon all day as well.
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    You're better off going to a website like this to get the info you need.
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    The business for dummies book is pretty good as a starter. I often recommend it to new starters and still refer to it myself occasionally despite 20 years in business.
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