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    Good morning,

    Back in October the Joomla team released version 3.6.4 which secured a number of vulnerabilities in the content management system. This was deemed a 'critical' update because of the security holes that were patched and it was advised that anyone running Joomla update their sites immediately.

    This week we've seen a steady increase in people contacting us because their site was infected but this morning the number of people getting in-touch rocketed up. Something seems to have happened over night.

    This is just a friendly warning that if you are running Joomla on your site, please update it to the latest version immediately.

    One site we've been working on this morning contained over 3,000 infected files.

    We've put a short blog on our web site but warning signs will include random bounce-back e-mail messages apparently sent from your domain name, a warning from Google about the increase in 404 errors on your site (if you have a Google Webmasters account) and new, unknown administrative accounts on your site.

    As much as we love the additional work, we'd much rather people were protected in the first place.
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