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    Nothing is cast in stone, all ideas or suggestions are taken on board.

    The 1/100th of your divorce cost figure seems to be a reasonable balance to me. I think it is a financially worthwhile sum to entice sellers and an economically justifiable figure for a buyer. The documents may only give guidance as to a reasonable solution but they will demonstrate if one party is being totally pig-headed and unreasonable. In the cases I have first hand experience of, there has, more often than not, been one party who is trying to be realistic and one who is hell bent on making the process as painful as possible in some final act of misguided restitution.

    If we can get the database populated and it then transpires that the price points are too high we can contact the seller and ask them if they are prepared to accept less with the aim of selling more or whether they'd like their entry removing from the database or leaving priced as it is.

    At the end of the day we are only trying to give everyday people a chance to retain some control of the process and others who weren't able to, a chance to recover some of their costs.
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    That's never going to work. Sounds like an earn $$$$ working from home scam.

    This needs adverts wherever people are looking for legal and financial advice.


    This is AFTER you have paid for the initial corpus of documents.
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    Disagree with that. I think you can test before you've created the database. Only test of course, you can't actually provide the service itself before that.

    Agree re: strategy for populating the database though. Don't think the sandwich board is going to cut it. Source via solicitors firms but not directly asking them to do anything. Just offering them an incentive to mention to clients that they can sell data on.

    And ditch all and any reference to this percentage metric payment for settlement data during the nascent stage. That can (possibly) come later if it has legs at all and you find you have the (envious) problem of needing to increase the database/source material
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    Hi Fisicx,

    I wasn't actually planning on sending students out with sandwich boards and certainly not with that message on. I do think however, that of the 8300 first divorces started each year that are petitioned for on the grounds of adultery, you would get results. You've got 8300 people walking out through the courtroom doors, who've just had to sit opposite the person they believe has betrayed them, who may well have been the main bread winner, they're arguing about money, and they think their ex-partner wants their money to start a new life with someone else, I suspect they may well give it some consideration.

    We do have a problem with a marketing plan though. I think anyone promoting their on-line Business these days has to turn to the social media sites for relatively cheap exposure and we've been stopped from promoting ourselves on both FB and Twitter. However it appears to some, it isn't an attempt to scam anyone and as I believe is clear, it isn't a pyramid scheme either.

    I've discussed it with my partner, who is a top-flight sales person (last year 3rd out of 2700 reps covering Europe) and she is happy to contact solicitors and pitch the "internal resource" idea to them.

    I still believe that we are going to have to use the "snipper" gun approach by making ourselves known to niche groups of people on the Internet as out-gunning the myriad of law firms who are vying for top places on Google search results on anything to do with divorce could be extremely expensive.

    We aren't completely potless, we do have money, but the driver for setting up this website was trying to help people to stop wasting millions of pounds a year arguing pointlessly and there's a limit to how much risk we are willing to take to achieve that.

    ALL suggestions for promoting the Site and concept are gratefully received.
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