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    Okay I've posted the website before and we took on-board I think almost every suggestion. Some of them were really good, much appreciated. Here is the new updated website, it would be good if people could take a look and feedback :) Cheers
    Posted: Feb 24, 2020 By: Alext333 Member since: Nov 9, 2011
  2. Alext333

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    Posted: Feb 26, 2020 By: Alext333 Member since: Nov 9, 2011
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    Had a quick look on my iPad, and thought the whole site was still blank, had to scroll down to find anything.

    Personally I would put a couple of testimonials on the main home page, since I imagine that is the first thing that comes to mind for anyone looking for your service.

    Your about you page is errrr, quirky, more about your cats than yourself. I would have expected more selling of your writing experience, where you studied etc.

    The site itself is nothing special IMO, just a normal template type site. I would concentrate on getting your testimonials in the face ASAP, plus pushing some of the top companies, magazines etc you have worked for. Most people are time poor, they want fast easy justification in contacting you.

    Edit... just realised you have loaded some of these things on your main page, but I have to scroll a long way down to see them.
    Posted: Feb 26, 2020 By: MBE2017 Member since: Feb 16, 2017
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    The focus is still on the design not the content.

    Get rid of all the background frippery, it's not needed.

    It says you are a consultant. That means you don't do any writing. I'm assuming therefore you are marketing to people who want a consultant.

    I scroll down and things animate and have strange diamond backgrounds. On a phone they forma long list meaning lots of scrolling.

    I clicked on Healthcare Best Practice and it took me to a page called Magazine Clips?

    I then clicked on Telehealth and landed on a subscription page.

    Not looking good so far.

    The blurb at the top says:
    "My versatility is evidenced in the broad range of topics I can write on, from cats to nuclear reactors. My copy shows a deep level of research, a skill I honed from studying at the highest level."

    Hang about, the homepage says you are a consultant. But this page says you are an author. Which is it?

    Look at the magazine clips page on your phone. The UX is very poor.

    Testimony page has left and right content. Makes it more diffiuclt to scan. Put it all on the left.

    If you have written for X and have a page for X then put the testimonial for X on the page for X. Google likes this and it provides depth.
    Posted: Feb 27, 2020 By: fisicx Member since: Sep 12, 2006
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  5. Ian J

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    I'm no expert which is why I don't normally look at this section of the forum but I did in this case and the only comment I would offer is on the "About Me" section which seems to deal with cats and holiday snaps.

    The heading on the page is "Dr Nicola Davies" but no mention is made anywhere on what she is a doctor of. Surely it's important enough to gain the reader's trust to expand on any professional qualifications and possibly on the home page rather than tucked away inside
    Posted: Feb 27, 2020 By: Ian J Member since: Nov 6, 2004
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  6. NickGrogan

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    Took at look at the site as I hire writers for other projects. It's better than the previous one but not much.

    You're selling yourself as a "trusted writer" or a "trusted consultant" and yet you're name doesn't appear anywhere, who are you?

    Are you well known enough in your sector for people to recognise you?

    I clicked on a view links and found some work that was on Pharma Letter, that you wrote, but the link says "Dr Nicola Davies" - at this point, no idea if that's you, or you're a ghostwriter.

    Finally, I found this.

    Dr Nicola Davies

    Dr Nicola Davies is a health psychology consultant, medical writer, author, and counsellor who has had articles published in more than 130 publications worldwide.

    Which could be your website, but you have this

    "I am a Medical and Business Writer with a passion for content creation and knowledge-sharing. I offer a range of editorial and consultancy services to organisations & government, especially the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry."

    The first one makes me want to read and know more, the second one says I work on fiverr and did an article about dieting once, so now I'm a medical writer.
    Posted: Feb 27, 2020 By: NickGrogan Member since: Nov 15, 2012
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  7. Alext333

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    Some great feedback, many thanks, we will implement most of it :)
    Posted: Feb 28, 2020 By: Alext333 Member since: Nov 9, 2011
  8. GraemeL

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    I both dislike and am allergic to cats, which are one of the worlds most selfish animals (IMHO)
    So I formed an impression about you.
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  9. fisicx

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    Does that mean:
    • A new theme
    • Revised content
    • Better navigation
    • Updated examples of your work (with project pages citations and references)
    Posted: Feb 28, 2020 By: fisicx Member since: Sep 12, 2006
  10. Ola1

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    Here is my view :

    1, I like the site, the colours, and the information presented and how it is presented .
    You are a consultation on medical publications , writing communication, written communication for organisations in the medical field

    2,Except for the About me page. (I think they don't want you telling them you 're a balance happy person :) ):
    I think that for the purposes of this site, most sites I see focus on the training and work experience of the consultant. I.e. thing people can go scope out
    Universities attended
    Scope of PHD
    Companies worked for and how long

    Otherwise, me , I'd say well done
    Posted: Feb 28, 2020 By: Ola1 Member since: Feb 18, 2013
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    Posted: Feb 29, 2020 By: Alan Member since: Aug 16, 2011