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    Ok, I’ve plucked up the courage and decided I can handle your honest criticism!

    If you could please take a look at and share any thoughts, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    EDIT: For context, I should probably add that this is a new business and I plan to make many more changes and add more customer content and testimonials ASAP. I’d be interested to know what people think at this stage though, as it could help me prioritise and set off in the right direction! Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.
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  2. Mr D

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    OK, big hand and chat box not welcoming. The colour scheme is not great - orange as a background for text is harder for some to read. Move mouse over the 'why choose Noweto' and the text flips.

    Your claim 'That's the kind of service you just won't find anywhere else. And it won't cost you more.' - is that actually true?
    Or just what you wish?

    Seems to be something any company in the field could offer. Don't know if they do - not in that market. But don't make claims like that unless you are indeed the only company. In which case it can be a wow factor.

    OK waving hand chat box getting annoying. Clicked it off - yours at least allows that (some, much harder to get rid of).

    The box type setup of the site - distinct boxes for different groups of text - looks kinda amateur. Like a 12 year old put it together, not professional. Perhaps that's just me though.

    Have no clue what cheltenham coffee company are doing on your site.
    Perhaps under a link somewhere or under a 'completed projects' if it was one of yours not on the front page?

    You also have ultimate starter pack and the pro web design both on the main page and on links.
    Put them just on links.
    Talk them up on main page, sure. But link.

    Support - a web form? Really?
    How about a phone number on there.

    I'll leave others to go into the technical details. From a potential customer point of view its not something that will attract my business.

    Nothing there suggests a decent site you can do for me. The site should be your selling point, your sizzle and your sausage. If your site isn't good then cannot consider that a paid for site will be better.

    Sorry, not a good review. You have 10 seconds to sell a website to me - and fail inside of 3.
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    Amazing - thank you! Appreciate you taking the time to go into detail and give the thoughts behind the initial impressions too. Gives me an instant to-do list for tomorrow!

    Thanks again.
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  4. fisicx

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    £6/month looks cheap. Which suggests shared server and poor performance.

    Everything you offer is the same as everything everyone else offers. So why would I choose you.

    No T&C, privacy, tech specs, support or anything else. Nothing to give me confidence you can actually do what you say you can.

    The address is as dodgy as it gets. The well known haunt of iffy companies.

    A free domian? Some cost more than your annual fee.

    Not really something that’s going to attract anyone except the bottom feeders. How do you plan to market the business?
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  6. noweto

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    Thanks all.

    To be honest, in one way I shared it a bit too soon. On the other hand, your initial feedback has given me an idea about how to take the service in a different direction to offer something more unique and hopefully more valuable, so it was worth it!

    I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so if others want to hold off reviewing for now, that may be best. That said, all feedback is useful feedback, so feel free to add more thoughts if you do take a look.

    I’ll post again once the site has changed, hopefully for the better!
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  7. WaveJumper

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    You are entering a fierce market and as mentioned above if the front page does knock your socks off visitors will just move on. Unfortunately It's looks really dated you only have Google website design and a whole host of competitors come up with all singing & dancing offers. I would also make sure you can deliver for the prices you quote.
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  8. fisicx

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    It's not the website. It's the service you are offering.

    Using Google as a provider is just pants. And your whole WP set up is just wrong.

    If you are offering a free domain, where is the domain search function? Where in the checkout process to I tell you what domain I want to use? Or if I already have a domain how do I set this up? Why no mention of Cpanel/Plesk?

    The whole thing feels like a bloke in his bedroom setup.
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