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    just a little story . . .

    We have developed a nice little eCommerce business, manufacturing and retailing stuff and have been going since 2012

    In 2015, we installed solar panels and become solar powered.

    In 2018, we made a commitment to became 100% outgoing, single-use-plastic free - no plastic packaging, no laminated solvent ink business cards, no plastic sellotape and to re-use ALL our incoming packaging too.

    I am proud to say that now, we do not purchase or output ANY single-use petro-plastic during the course of our business and tbh, it's not been at all difficult to achieve. A little creativity AND our cost base has not changed either.
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    Not all companies manage to use so much resources or avoid packaging without cost.

    If I put together a punnet of strawberries to give to someone I need to package it so it lasts long enough. Plastic products can work - they can last a few days in decent nick after being picked.
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    This is an excellent solution in order not to pollute the environment. You are great. But not everyone can do this. You did not change prices, but how did you do it? I would like, in your example, that all companies would start worrying about the environment.
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    the solution is easy and inexpensive - the challenge (like most obstacles) is CHANGE - how committed are you? Do you REALLY want to change? How creative are you towards changing your habits? Can you really be bothered? Is it someone else's problem? or do you just not care enough?

    We use a company call Packlinq for our compostable, petro-plastic-free packaging andJiffy for our "jiffy green" recycled paper padded envelopes and JamJar Print in Bristol for our recycled, vegetable ink, non-laminated business cards - we even use tape from The Plastic Free Shop for our packaging tape

    The prices for these items is not far off the cost of plastic items - we absorb the cost, as it's what we believe in and we also believe its the right thing to do.

    Small changes - insignificant to most - but at the heart of everything WE do now.
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    Not everyone knows that it is not expensive. Everyone thinks that abandoning plastic will cost them a lot of money. The price of this does not change, but how much it affects the quality of products. And in the world ocean there is a lot of plastic, from which the marine environment perishes. From plastic stardus and earth.
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    That's great! I wish more business realize that it doesn't really cost that much to reduce plastic use. In fact, you might end up saving more on packaging costs.
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    I did smile the other day when reading that the Portuguese airline Hi Fly is the first to offer plastic free flights so their customers can feel smug at not using plastic spoons and straws whilst busily polluting the atmosphere with the plane's emissions
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    Nice. I wish more companies would take a proactive approach to green issues. Have you considered writing this up as a business case study and seeing if anyone would like to publish it?
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