Picture Frame Mounts - just doing a little A/B testing

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    Evening all, Im just doing some quick testing re a product page, structured markup code etc for a mates business.

    If reading this can you go to https://bit.ly/3cKDMz4

    Can post back any comments here on load time, was the page easy enough to understand - could you navigate to the actual products etc and if on mobile did it load ok for you. I want to get some general feedback. Thanks in advance
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    From a buyers perspective, way, way, way, way too much text on the that page alone. The word Mount or variations of, is used 61 times!

    It's not clear whether you are selling to Joe Public, in which case they would struggle to read through so much text to buy a single £3.80 Mount, or to professional artists who probably know much of what you are telling them?

    A very quick re-write...
    Mounts in any size or colour, with single or multiple apertures are available from our standard range. Customised sizing available on request. Give us a call to discuss - we don't bite :>)
    A strong backing board to securely hold your artwork in place is highly recommended and an option to select one that matches the size of your mount will be shown on each order page.
    Our customers tell us that sales of their artwork at shows and exhibitions are greatly enhanced when presented in a crystal clear acetate bag. Protect each piece and keep it pristine and fingerprint free. (99 words)

    As opposed to your 190 words......We can supply any size or colour and provide a list of all the standard sizes for each type of mount we offer. We also offer a bespoke aperture size should you require. We also offer a multi aperture mount selection, with lots of options - so there should be something there for everyone. If however you need customised mounts various aperture sizes etc - then get in touch and we'll be happy to help. We recommend that all artwork has a strong backing board to securely hold your artwork in place. This is entirely up to you. We stock and cut various types of backing board. Just make sure you select the same dimensions as your mount when ordering. We have found that customers tell us that when selling their artwork at shows / exhibitions and online. They sell more when the artwork is backed and is in an acetate bag. All the customer then has to do is order a frame when they have decided where to hang it. The backing board keeps it secure, the acetate bag keeps it in a dust free environment until the customer gets it home.

    Plus the additional 306 words underneath!

    00% Acid Free Conservation Level Mountboard, Whitecore and Blackcore options, 45° bevel cut, Fully comply to FATG (Fine Art Trade Guild) Conservation level. They also pass the Silver Tarnish Test and Photographic Activity Test and are guaranteed for 300 years

    FAQ :-

    Q What are Picture Frame Mounts - Photo Frame Mounts ?
    A Picture Frame Mounts / Photo Frame Mounts, also known simply as Picture Mounts comprise of a layer/s of mountboard that has been cut and then fitted over a photograph or artwork. They act as a protective and visual barrier to a picture frame. Mounts should be 100% Acid free and Conservation level. There are Single, Double and Extra Thick Mounts. Single or Multi Apertures are available.
    Cadremont only use Conservation Level mounts

    Q What does a Mounted Photo mean ?
    A Mounting a photograph / print or artwork that will have a mount placed around the artwork. This is then usually ready to be framed or bagged ready for sale or display. Cadremont only use Conservation Level Mountbaord, 100% acid free, protects your precious work and lasts for over 300 years. Colours / Style / Mount type is all down to personal preference. Mounting your artwork this way is the best way to display it

    Q Does my picturfe frame mount need a backing board ?
    A Yes - all artwork that is going be mounted and framed needs to have a secure backing board to hold it in place

    Q Are picture frame mounts eco friendly ?
    A Yes, we only use Conservation level mountboard. It is acid free, wont leak or stain your artwork and will last over 300 years"

    Q Can I have a double mount in my picture frame mount ?
    A Yes, you can have single layer, double layer or extra thick monntboard on your framed mount
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    2 seconds on the site and I was already ready to leave. The only reason I will be on the site is to buy a frame. The only thing I want to see in the site are your products and a way to place an order. Everything else needs to be on the side and linked to where appropriate.

    The actual product pages aren’t any better. The UX is awful. Not helped by a dreadful set of images and naff slideshow.
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    Thanks both - that's why Im working on the site. Currently seeing if we'll change the ecommerce app or amend it. That includes the content - but I think you have proved my point.
    The main underlying test is to see what effect the json markup code has in the serps
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    Pretty much says it all. As an aside, the mark-up code is only intended to help search engines understand what the site is about - not improve it's ranking. Google recommends it is placed in the head section although I don't think it really matters.
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    I Will be honest, sorry. I would just leave, whole site looks extremely dated and bland.

    It looks like you have rephrases things, using an SEO to cram in loads of keywords and keyphrases to get up in SERPS is wrong! Google see's through that. You just need well written content. with a keyphrases in mind then associated words around the content, BUT it needs to be written for the user.

    Loads of SEO issues going on too.

    • H tags
    • Alt Tags
    • Dyanmic urls use
    • Amount of javascript files
    On a positive note the site is fast when testing in Google Lightspeed.

    Hope helps.
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    Thanks all for the opinions etc - always good to hear. The site is in php and I know it is fast and gets sales for the customer (quite a lot of sales from a steady supply of regular and new customers) - they dont need or use Google - word of mouth is key in that industry and great customer service. The customers also have a certain way of working setting out the customised product.
    Will be setting up a new site to run in parallel and then take some opinions from actual customers and see what they think. The new system will enable them to sell directly from facebook as well, so an added bonus
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