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    Based in Nottingham, and founded in 2003, Mail Workshop Limited provide a wide range of fulfilment services to a wide range of retailers, government bodies and brick-and-mortar organisations. One of the key parts of the fulfilment process is Picking and Packing services (also known as 'Pick and Pack').

    The pick and pack process involves the acceptance, or delivery of goods from a client’s supplier, in pallet, truckload or container quantities, then the disassembling of the products into product units, and in turn re-packing and sorting the items in preparation for either further re-packaging or distribution (involving the application of labels through shipping software).

    A key aspect of Supply Chain Management, many large organisations undertake this process, however sometimes it makes economic sense to outsource this link in the supply chain.

    Another aspect of Picking and Packing is ‘Case Picking’, which is the process of arranging a pallet-load of goods which are sorted and packed in the most efficient manner possible. Priorities include stability, damage protection and making use of as much of the available volumetric space that is available.
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