People will do almost anything to cure a problem but almost nothing to prevent one!

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    That’s you above and that’s most of us too. You own an eCommerce shop and sales have plummeted in these difficult times. You’ve now got the time to prevent a future problem and do something in your empty time and I’ve got the solution for you. If you’re serious about your online shop read on.

    This eCommerce SEO course is for you if you are:
    • an online shop owner frustrated by a lack of visitors.
    • disappointed that the previous SEOs haven’t helped.
    • or confused by all the SEO misinformation that’s out there.
    Worried that SEO is something you can’t do for yourself BUT you can’t find or afford a good SEO to do it for you? Help is actually around the corner and I’ll give you 5 hours of FREE 1-2-1 help over the phone (that’s worth £325) to get you going in the right direction to UKBF members Only.

    You’re either serious about your business or you’re not?

    My course in not a link building course it's a practical, easy to understand course that puts you in the position of being able to implement key edits within the content of your pages to make considerable improvements in your own rankings. Don't miss your chance to make a huge improvement in visitors and sales.


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