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    Hi there
    I have had a customer ask me for a copy of a debit card transaction that displays his name on the receipt. My card machine does not print out a debit card slip as it is linked to the epos system, so it just takes payment.

    Is there a way that In can get this for the customer? as he is quite persistent and needs the information for his accountant. He is adamant that this needs to show his full name.

    My epos receipt only shows the date, time, transaction number, operator, goods, price, payment method, with basic card type with hidden card number other then bank number and last four digits.

    I have suggested I could just create a receipt/invoice but he said it needs to be of the pdq transaction.

    any advice would be perfect.
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    tell him to bolt, your standard receipt is enough for him.
    Posted: Mar 5, 2018 By: lesliedocherty Member since: Jun 17, 2006
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    Select any combination of the folowing :
    . Write customer's name on receipt
    . Diplomatically explain that name is not printed on the receipt because name does not need to be printed on the receipt
    . Diplomatically point out that receipt details can be tallied with own card statement
    . Diplomatically suggest that customer should get a better accountant
    . Throw your hands up in the air, roll your eyes, and give a great big sigh of exasperation
    . Blame it on the EU, or Brexit - whichever you think will suit your customer better
    . Remember, the customer is always right - except when she isn't
    . Go and maroon yourself on a desert island - you don't need this crap
    Posted: Mar 7, 2018 By: Noah Member since: Sep 1, 2009
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    If your machine doesn't do it, it doesn't do it so as above the best thing you can do is print him an invoice showing his name and staple the epos receipt to it. Moving forward when GDPR comes into force it is unlikely you would to be able to store his personal name on a receipt (without his prior express written permission) in any case ;)
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    Companies are required by law to keep records for tax purposes for 6 years. Saying the GPDR would prevent you from having a customer name on a receipt is nonsense.

    GDPR provides for data to be maintained for legitimate interests, and maintaining complete accounting records for both tax purposes and the provision of warranty is more than legitimate.
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  6. lesliedocherty

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    still tell him to bolt
    Posted: Mar 8, 2018 By: lesliedocherty Member since: Jun 17, 2006