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    I think I may have made an idiotic mistake. I have XERO accounting for my limited company that processes Payroll.

    I have always been paying myself on the 10th of each month. For example, my start date for the month was 10th August to 9th September for Payroll I've just tried to process.

    I just tried to process the Payroll I am getting the error 'Please provide the reason why you have not been able to meet the on or before obligation.' which I believe means it's late (I have never had this error before).

    As I have been processing Payroll every month for about 12 months, the month-end is on the 9th and then I always process the payroll on the 10th and make payment to myself on the 10th. Have I basically been doing this 1 day late every month (stupid me)? The strange thing is I have never had this error before on XERO.

    If I have been doing this wrong, will this cause any implications with HMRC, as this has been a genuine error if that's the case?

    **Just to note I am the sole company director, I'm only paying myself***
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    Sending an FPS after payday
    If you send a late Full Payment Submission (FPS) without a valid reason, you may get:

    When you can send a late FPS report
    In certain situations you can send a Full Payment Submission (FPS) after you pay your employee

    If you have been sending FPS on payday you should be fine.
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