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    If I sell something on my website, and something on eBay, both customers pay by PayPal, do I need to differentiate between the two when doing my bookkeeping (Website Sale & eBay Sale)? Or can they both simply be set as PayPal Income since my Website, eBay and PayPal will keep a record of the source of the income?
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    Annual accounts wise they are the same for tax purposes.
    For you knowing in your own business what brings money in you may want to differentiate them.
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    Thanks Mr D. Yes I used to separate them when I was using Wave accounting for that reason, QBO has rules which automate a lot of the work I was having to do before, but despite website sales making up the majority of income I think for the sake of a few extra clicks it would be good be able to accurate figures in the reports still.
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    Hello! You should record revenue from your sales on your accountancy package or on an Excel spreadsheet. When recording your revenue, you may find it beneficial to separate your sales by the different sales channels(website, ebay). Separating your sales from the various sales channels will help you to give better information on how each sales channel is performing.

    Whether you are trading as a sole trader or an Ltd company, when you prepare your company or personal tax return, you can report revenue from all your sources of sales as the total amount from all sources of sales.
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    No, you dont have to.

    Do make sure you record the gross sales though ie not the net you receive from PayPal but the actual sale showing the fee as an expense. If you dont do this your sales will be understated.
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