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Discussion in 'Legal' started by Belladella, Feb 7, 2018.

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    Hi all, I have a new invention and I would like to get a patent on this. Any advise from people out there who have been through this process? The government website says it can take up to 5 years. Really appreciate hearing others stories here. Thanks
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    Your new Widget invention may have already been invented
    and patented.
    Even many years ago.

    It is a good idea to first search for similar products with similar functions to your own, to discover if they have any patent /s attached to them.

    If some widget very similar to your own is patented,
    or has various patents applied to parts of that widget,
    then it is also possible they were in production and sold at some time.

    In this case it is really just not worth continuing with your invention
    in it's current form.

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    How rich are you is the first question , and the reason is that if you have a patent and somebody copies it then the law does nothing to protect you, by that i mean you have to take to transgressor to court to stop them using your patent

    That's not to say a patent is not worth while, it is, but not always a route to riches

    I had a patent (now expired) for a buoyancy aid that clipped to a persons belt just over the size of a Walkman (tells how old I am) and when released it opens up to a torpedo shaped air bag, to sole the problem of the majority of people not wanting to wear normal life jackets. Anyway when i approached a number of companies related to this they all stated that if they made them it would damage their existing range of goods and therefore if i succeeded they would buy me out and until then they were not interested

    I never did have the money to go it alone

    Patents for most area's costs a good number of thousands of pounds so think wisely on its worth before you start
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    It can indeed take quite some time.

    In Europe, it's very important not to make any public disclosure of the invention until you have filed. In the US you have 12 months from first disclosure to file.

    If you want worldwide protection you will need multiple patents.
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