Passion2Profit Small Business Systems & Marketing Training (3rd - 4th May 2014)

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    David Lee, Passion2Profit UK Host

    "More And More People Are Discovering For Themselves
    My Weekend Business Workshop Is Like Nothing Else
    They Have Ever Experienced Before! Watch The Video
    Below To Sample What You Missed In February!

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    "David, people out there just don't know what you are offering. I try to tell my friends and even they don't believe me." - Kenny Efobi, London

    "I've met so many gurus and mentors out there. There is no one single person like David Lee. He really wants you to be successful and he is the only one that I've met in my whole life." - Fion Chen, Lanchashire

    "I've known David for 3 years now and I know he's a man of great integrity and really knows his into his systems." - Trish McGirr, Lancashire

    "A lot of the stuff that's covered here has never been covered. I've never come across it before!" - Nick Greer, Shropshire

    This 2-day business systems and marketing workshop that my wife and I put on quarterly will seriously challenge the way you currently look at your small business endeavours. Since I am independent I can reveal what many others either wont tell you, or simply don't know.

    As Nick Greer said (see above), what I cover is the collection of 25 years of small business knowledge that most attendees are completely oblivious to. You will walk away with an in-depth and comprehensive plan of action of what is needed to move your business forward in these "certain" times ahead (unfortunately, "uncertain" for most who remain unprepared).


    I Will Cover All Of This And More At My 2-Day Workshop!

    * How to create your business system for little cost

    * How to create attention so that people find you

    * How to make yourself unforgettable when they do find you

    * What are the right selling words?

    * How to create offline and online marketing systems that run on autopilot

    * How to develop your ‘quick pitch’ and not get stuck for words

    * How to qualify a prospect within seconds of meeting them

    * How to negotiate with both sides of the brain emotionally and logically

    * How to brand yourself in photos and video

    * How to capture effective customer video testimonials

    * How to create your online or physical book in less than 72 hours

    * How to predict the economic future and steer clear of trouble

    * How to develop an outsource team and avoid the most common problems

    * How to build an online viral marketing system using your team

    * Business principles behind "How to Buy a House for £1" property strategies

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    The Room Can Only Hold 50 People Maximum!
    This ONE-TIME ATTENDANCE is a FREE GIFT that comes with the purchase of my book, "The World's Leading Internet Marketers Secrets Revealed" @ £21.99 (postage included). I get a 95% turn-up rate as a result of getting your commitment to attend ("no shows" are not invited back). We can therefore run this event at low cost, something that most small businesses are looking for with their own overheads! This is a training workshop (not a sales event) where I will gift to you the best of everything that I've often learned the hard way.
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