Passion2Profit Small Business Systems & Marketing Training (22nd - 23rd February 2014)

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    David Lee, Passion2Profit UK Host

    "For The Price Of A Book I'll Give You A
    Weekend Of The Most Comprehensive Small
    Business Training With The Exact Steps For
    Turning Your Business Around In 30 Days!"

    Passion2Profit Reactions in Asia and UK

    Here is what you will be able to take away with you from Passion2Profit:

    * How to create your business system for little cost

    * How to create attention so that people find you

    * How to make yourself unforgettable when they do find you

    * What are the right selling words?

    * How to create offline and online marketing systems that run on autopilot

    * How to develop your ‘quick pitch’ and not get stuck for words

    * How to qualify a prospect within seconds of meeting them

    * How to negotiate with both sides of the brain emotionally and logically

    * How to brand yourself in photos and video

    * How to capture effective customer video testimonials

    * How to create your online or physical book in less than 72 hours

    * How to predict the economic future and steer clear of trouble

    * How to develop an outsource team and avoid the most common problems

    * How to build an online viral marketing system using your team

    * Business principles behind "How to Buy a House for £1" property strategies

    Small and highly focused training for first 50 registrants only!
    (28 of places taken as at 20th January)

    Click Here To Order Your Book And Confirm Your Attendance!
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    In preparation for my upcoming Passion2Profit UK business systems and marketing training weekend, I am running some webinars over the next couple of weeks. During Passion2Profit I cover a wide range of material that will reduce much time, frustration, cost and guessing that many inexperienced small business owners would not otherwise be aware of. At present I have just a few remaining places left and they will quickly disappear over the course of these webinars.

    Wednesday 29th January @ 8:30pm : Is Your Business Future Proofed?
    In this webinar I am explaining to property investors how to identify an economic bubble from an economic recovery. Property investors often don't think of themselves as small business entrepreneurs, but they are just as prone to economic shifts as any other small business. When developing from 2002 the "How to Buy a House for £1" property systems that bypass the mortgage application process, it was in anticipation of the global financial crisis that eventually came in 2008. I explain what told me at the time it was coming, plus what signals I am reading from today's economy that most overlook.


    Thursday 30th January @ 9:00pm : So You Want To Be A Public Speaker...But Without The Fear Factor?
    Do you remember Robert Kiyosaki in "Rich Dad Poor Dad" talking about his fear of selling photocopiers and how he was the worst salesman when starting out? Yet, where would he be today if he never overcame that fear?

    In Thursday's webinar I will cover how public speaking is:
    * A skill that can be learned!
    * Much more than just having the gift of the gab!
    * A means to exponentially multiply your business income!

    I will be sharing with you what I have personally spent many thousands of pounds learning, but what has been the BEST INVESTMENT that I ever made! The more people you can effectively communicate with, the more business you can potentially be doing.


    Thursday 6th February @ 9:00pm : How to Create & Automate Your Own Property Lead Generation System
    If you are not a property investor, just translate the above to read, "How to Create & Automate Your Own Business Lead Generation System". Many people start their own business with educational qualifications and work experience behind them. Others go blindly on an idea alone, but with little or no practical experience. To survive in business you need to be wearing a marketing hat that is quite often contrary to what your old employee hat looked like!

    I will be explaining on this call how to get the market taking notice and chasing you, not the other way around like most people do! This requires a bit more work, but it will save you a fortune of forever sending out costly marketing messages that completely miss the target or just don't grab anyone's attention. Don't have yourself forgotten at the first point of contact! The consumer is going to spend their money on someone, and it's your responsibility to make you the one they choose you to spend it on!

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    For The Price Of A Shift Key I'll Tell You How To Make Your Intro's Look Less Like An American Get Rich Quick Scheme
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    Hi Peter!

    The headline, which grabbed your attention, has done what it is designed for by getting you to respond. Rather than follow the FREE event formula that is a nightmare to organise, I provide business training 4 times a year (ONE ATTENDANCE ONLY) for book purchasers only. By the end of the 2 days each attendee will have very specific action tasks that will make them self-accountable to improve their business. If that is "American" in your eyes then so be it...I think it is universal.

    Results from first-hand experience and that of many leading UK copywriters that I know has shown that people are people first and foremost. This has been backed up by our respective first-hand testing and results over the last 10 years.

    The cynics and sceptics will only ever see the negative, and I am not too fussed about them anyway. A qualified and targeted audience will watch and read any backup material and make up their own mind.

    In the process of disqualifying the otherwise many time-waster attendees that talk a good talk about running a successful business, I find I get mostly qualified people appreciative of me over-delivering exactly what I have told them to expect.

    Best wishes,

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    Thursday 13th February @ 9:00pm : How To Turn Your Job Skills Into A Business That Works For You

    Passion2Profit UK graduate, Nkem Anagor, is hosting the webinar asking the questions to me that she was recently asking of herself, "How I translate my professional experience from an hourly rate into business that pays me for what I really worth?"

    As you can see above, she now has clarity on how to implement a system that leverages her time and knowledge over her professional career. Unfortunately the public sector does not pay Nkem her real worth when it comes to changing disabled children's lives. However, many of her colleagues and friends feel the same way, so we are going to walk through a series of questions to answer the same questions they have, like, "How do you do it?"

    This is the last webinar in the lead-up to my Passion2Profit UK event on 22nd-23rd February. There are just a few seats remaining now. This is the most effective way I can help a small group of aspiring business entrepreneurs overcome their initial challenges. The is a reference link to the event at the bottom of the webinar page.

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    The Five Passion2Profit Silent Objections!​

    Last night's webinar replay is now available!
    There are just a few remaining places for next week's comprehensive business and marketing systems training. Over the course of the webinars I have spoken extensively to people for them to open up with their unspoken objections about seminars in general. Above is a video that I produced to answer their objections.

    Lastly, I will be getting attendees to review an actual current case study of someone's existing marketing strategies for them to give the audience on day 2 their suggestions on how that business could reach a wider targeted audience.
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    David Lee previews what to expect this weekend

    Passion2Profit UK Attendee Preview for this weekend:

    Day One (Summary Only)

    8:00 am: Door Opens For Registration (no entry permitted prior to 8:00 am)
    8:30 am: All should be seated for video training & pre-event discussion (doors are closed @ 9:00 am precisely)
    9:00 am: EVENT BEGINS PRECISELY (Late arrivals must wait outside until admitted)

    Morning Session:

    * Why most small businesses owners are not entrepreneurs
    * How systems are the backbone of entrepreneurism
    * Real life small business case study that attendees will analyse over weekend
    * How to attract, leverage and retain customers though systems and automation
    * Overview of 30-day challenge to implement after the training workshop
    * Why time is running out for the masses unprepared for the economic shakeout
    * Revelation of your most burning passions and how to rekindle them
    * Health Check - what's the point of business success if you're killing yourself

    Afternoon Session:

    * Differentiation and attention-grabbing mechanisms demonstrated
    * Branding example of an attendee selected from the audience
    * Demonstrations on how to qualify/disqualify prospects instantly
    * Creating the business card that doesn't get thrown in the bin
    * Self-analysis exercise to discover what you are really passionate about
    * How to allude an air of an expert when you speak and present yourself
    * Understanding and capturing various types of video proof and when to use them
    * Using language patterns to set you apart and engage people immediately
    7:00 pm Day One Ends (Attendees can expect homework for day 2)

    Day Two (Summary Only)

    Morning Session:

    8:00 am: Bonus session (time permitting)
    * David will demonstrate the EXACT public speaking template that he and many of the world's top speakers (Robert Allen, Mark-Victor Hansen, Jordan "Wolf of Wall Street" Belfort, Les Brown, Rick Otton) have paid thousands for and use regularly while making money from the stage or on webinars.
    * Live demonstration to create you as the television celebrity of your industry
    * How to simply and inexpensively create your own unique and effective branding
    * Demonstration of website layouts that don't work and ones that do that you can build
    * How to build your systemised online viral marketing presence for organic traffic

    Afternoon Session:

    * Demonstration of the automated webinar software that David will gift to you
    * How to create your own online multimedia business card that doesn't go in the bin
    * Demonstration of how to create your video marketing to repurpose in multiple formats
    * How to build your own boxed system that you make once and derive residual income
    * The 4 massive mistakes that most small businesses do that you will never do again
    * How to get your Facebook branding noticed and clearly identified
    * What to do to get yourself in newspaper, radio and TV, plus what to say to get asked back
    * Review of case study from day one using everything covered at Passion2Profit
    5:30 pm Day Two Ends (Attendees can expect a complete 30-day action plan to implement)
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