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Discussion in 'Accounts & Finance' started by Lauren Hutchinson, Jun 11, 2019.

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    I've recently registered a partnership.

    I can see on HMRC's website that if I want to file online I need to do it via commercial software but that if I do it by 31/10 I can submit a paper form. The website has the paper form - do I just print this off and fill it in by hand? Sorry, probably a really stupid question but I didn't know whether this is what is done or if I'm meant to contact HMRC and ask them to send me one?

    And another silly question I'm sure - I don't need to register for a Government Gateway log on for the partnership, do I?? It's just I can't see any reference to the partnership when I log on to GG myself (I was already registered for SA).

    Thank you.
    Posted: Jun 11, 2019 By: Lauren Hutchinson Member since: Apr 18, 2019
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    If the form online is for 2018/19 then I would just print it off and fill it in.
    Posted: Jun 11, 2019 By: Scalloway Member since: Jun 6, 2010