Parcelhub Streamlines Customer Service

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    Pictured: Yashica Christian, Software Developer at Parcelhub.

    Parcelhub has developed a new internal ticketing system to help the customer service team track and solve customer enquiries more efficiently.

    A significant internal change, it combines a number of current procedures to make monitoring and responding to queries simpler and quicker for both customers and the customer service team.

    The system has been built entirely by in-house developers and as a result is a completely bespoke solution, designed to meet the challenges of parcel delivery management now and into the future. The whole business has been involved in the build process and the developers have worked closely with the relevant departments to identify current frustrations and future needs with a view to creating an end result that really works.

    Yashica Christian is one of the software developers involved. She said, “The main focus was on streamlining the processes; dealing with each ticket faster so we can handle a greater volume overall. - Read More
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