pallets to the usa hidden charges?

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    currently operating a business thats looking to grow so im looking at sending it to the usa.. im after the cheapest pallet shipping to usa.. i did get stung for 2£k [duties and handling] buying some boxes from china to the uk,a nice polite company handled my goods and charged me whilst ripping out my stomach! im getting sooo many different prices on a pallet cost.can anyone recommend a company thats cheap yet good? i was told about port handling costs too are there any hidden charges im likely to meet similar to the uk ones... ive shipped a lot of pallets of goods from china and never had these hidden charges before. i did cry i wont lie ive never been so angry in my life rant over.. looking for a guiding hand TIA
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    There is no pallet rate for export or import shipping. That said you can bespoke your own rate based on the information below, if you want to.

    All sea freight shipping to any destination is based on either weight or volume (whichever's greater), this is regardless of whether the goods are palletised or loose. The port to port shipping rate is a $rate per ton or per cubic metre (which ever's greater) depending on destination.

    Therefore if your pallet weighs 1000kgs but measures out to 2cbm, you will pay pay 2 x $rate. On top of this you will have UK collection, documentation and handling charges and at destination you will have customs clearance, handling and delivery PLUS any duties & taxes applicable.

    You can get a comprehensive quotation from any freight forwarder. Hope this helps.
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