Outsourcing Print Fulfilment Buys AlphaGraphics Time

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    For printing specialists AlphaGraphics, being able to outsource selected fulfilment jobs has meant more time to concentrate on doing what they do best – providing marketing, design and sustainable print solutions.

    The firm, which is one of almost 300 franchises around the world, called on the services of Mail Workshop, the UK’s leading printed matter fulfilment provider, when it became clear that certain fulfilment jobs were just too complex to manage in-house.

    With thousands of customers requiring millions of pieces of printed material each year, the team at AlphaGraphics is no stranger to working to tight deadlines and juggling workloads. But as Account Manager Adam Granger explains, the time and manpower resources required to deliver more complicated fulfilment jobs wasn’t cost-effective.

    “We manage the majority of our fulfilment in-house, but sometimes a job requires more expertise. For one of our clients, we need to send more than 8,000 parish magazines to 440 individual addresses every two months – each address needs a different quantity and they have to be there to meet seasonal deadlines.

    “Organising it ourselves was taking a long time and Mail Workshop offered us a solution that was not only a good price but saved time. Now we simply pack up the printed magazines with lists, labels and full instructions and Mail Workshop manage the rest.”


    Mail Workshop’s expert team completes the job within a day and routes the parcels using one of a number of parcel carriers, in order to get the best value for money. Parcels are all tracked and AlphaGraphics receives Proof Of Delivery as well as a monthly returns report.

    Mark Rosenberg, Managing Director at Parcelhub, added, “Because we are able to offer a broad range of services, we can provide a one stop shop for most fulfilment jobs, handling the consolidation, packing and postage requirements. Our contracts with many of the UK carriers allows us to offer the best cost routing to ensure value for money.”

    Mail Workshop is the UK’s leading print fulfilment and distribution provider, working with brand managers, advertising agencies, printers and publishers.

    Sister company Parcelhub currently handles parcel shipping for over 500 eCommerce, eBay and Amazon retailers, moving more than 350,000 parcels per month.

    Together they employ 75 people at the Nottingham headquarters and four regional depots across the UK. Combined turnover is £13.8 million for 2015-16.

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