Opening a business account when trading overseas

Discussion in 'International Business' started by Mediayarn, Aug 12, 2019.

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    Hi there,

    I am a design consultant who has just founded a limited company. I need to set up a business account am wondering what's a good bank to do this with. As I get paid mostly in Euros (my clients are all in France), I am thinking of creating a Foreign currency account. I have tried to get an appointment with HSBC, but their next available date is end of September. I am also open to newer banks.

    I am really new to this, have always been an employee and any guidance would be much appreciated!
    Thank you!
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    If that is there service go elsewhere as its crap, just walk into any local bank and ask to open a business account
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    Thanks. It's because of the foreign currency account I'd need an appointment, I can apply online for a basic business account.
    Does anyone have a bit more advice on which bank is recommendable, esp if I receive most of my money in Euros? Revolut, Starling, Transferwise or is it still more advisable to just go with one of the big ones? Surely some must be better than others? Any help and experience would be much appreciated!
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    Have you considered a currency account that then links to your bank account?

    Worldfirst for example?

    Waiting 6 weeks for an appointment at a bank - find another bank willing to give quicker appointments. This isn't a hospital gyno unit you are booking with.
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    I use Natwest and have a USD currency account attached to my business bank. Only bank I have ever used for my own business but I previously dealt a lot with HSBC and their international receiving team were a nightmare. Maybe because HSBC were found to be involved in money laundering. I'm not sure but my experience with Natwest is very different and I've never had any issues like we had regularly with HSBC and we do much more international biz with NW.

    For a fee of £20 a month you can use a system NW call bankline. This gives you the same online visuals as your domestic account but it is set up on a different system. The £20 charge is specific to having the visuals of the currency account. I don't use it but I should but I scoffed at the £20 fee but now I need it and it makes sense to do it. At present I have to call them and they verbally tell me about payments. I cannot do anything but transfer to my GBP account but with the bankline system you can do much more just like a GBP account, I'm told.
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    Thanks so much for your replies!
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