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Discussion in 'Websites & Ecommerce' started by Slinkie, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. Slinkie

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    Hi Folks,

    How do I go about intergrating paypal with my open cart site? I have a paypal account set up but does it need to be a merchant account or a website standard account etc.

    I'm getting a bit confused by all of the options. I have decided to just stay with paypal for the time being just for ease before I decide I want to set up a proper business bank account etc.

    Thanks all

    Posted: Feb 23, 2010 By: Slinkie Member since: Sep 5, 2006
  2. Zeal

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    Is this the open cart you have?

    Is so....
    Posted: Feb 23, 2010 By: Zeal Member since: Oct 3, 2009
  3. zone1creative

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    Its fairly easy. Login into the admin control panel
    Click on Extensions > Payments

    Find the payment method 'Paypal' and click install for this.
    Then an edit link will appear.
    Click on this

    Enter your paypal email address
    Test Mode : NO
    Transaction : Authorisation
    Order Status : I usually set this to processing.
    GEO Zones: alll zones
    Status Enabled.

    Click save

    Hope this helps
    Posted: Feb 23, 2010 By: zone1creative Member since: Mar 26, 2009
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