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    For the past few years it has often been on my mind to have a side hustle.

    This plan became a reality in 2019 when I started a drop-shipping store. It was ultimately a pretty lame attempt, and I didn’t give it my all, but I learned a few things.

    So lately I’ve again been thinking about what to do as a side hustle, and long story short, on the verge of giving up, I read a valuable e-book today about starting an online writing business. This potential business idea has admittedly been one of the top 2 on my list, along with being a VA of some sort. Although I’d much prefer being a writer as I like writing.

    I have a degree in psychology, and I’m very much interested in history and study it for fun, so much so that I’ve enrolled on a history degree with the open uni and I’ll likely start that in January.

    I’m just trying to figure out my niche. I have a vague long-term vision of what my website could look like as it grows and there are many more writers involved, but has anyone here ever started and/or runs a writing business?

    I’d love to hear about it.
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  2. AllUpHere

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    I'm not quite sure what you are getting at? What exactly is a writing business?
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  3. fisicx

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    Writing about what? How do you plan to make money doing this writing.

    As an aside, there is lots of money to be made as a technical author. But you need engineering skills to do this.
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  4. Mark T Jones

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    As above

    Can you clarify what you mean by ‘writing business ‘?
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  5. Dannydee

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    There are lots of freelance writers out there. This includes article/feature writing, copy-writing, content creation including social media, editing, proofreading, case studies, website content, and more.

    Granted, I don't have a portfolio aside from what I've written academically, but every writer had to start somewhere. It commonly begins as a hobby with something like a blog and goes from there.
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  6. fisicx

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    Most of those (unless they are very good) earn a pittance. I can go to a freelancer site and get 10 600 word articles for a few dollars.

    You need to be a lot more specific and what you want to write and for whom.

    For example, can you churn out a 1000 word article on today’s news for distribution on an aggregator? You have 2 hours.

    Or can you write a essay for peer review on a technical
    Scientific subject?

    Or write a series of blog posts about last nights reality TV shows?
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  7. Mr D

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    Lots of writers self publish. Some even make a few shekels out of the writing.
    Lots spend time and effort for - rejection.

    Now if you were an expert in something then you could when writing on that subject get some decent money and have regular income from it.
    A friend is an acknowledged expert in a certain field, in that field he earns several hundred a month writing. Which pays his bar bill - he does not need the money but likes to keep busy at airports.
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  8. Dannydee

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    I could of course have a go at writing articles for any of those topics, since all attempts would be helping to build experience. I also have an unfinished non-fiction book I've been writing. Although admittedly I haven't given that project my all, thanks to doubt creeping in.

    Whilst I'm not an expert in psychology or history, they are the two subjects I spend most of my spare time reading, researching and studying. In particular, most of this time is spent studying the topic of Totalitarianism.

    I'll do a bit of a brainstorm and what I can come up with. In the meantime I've just purchased a course on Udemy about Freelance Writing.
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  9. Mr D

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    There's an idea - teach others how to write.
    People seem to make money showing how other people can make money.
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  10. InternetMarketingPlatinum

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    I think a "writing business" might be quite a broad term. What are you looking to do? Be a copywriter for clients? Write books? Offer editing services? Write guest blog posts? Create press releases? Maybe try a few of these niches then choose the one you enjoy doing most? Or which is most profitable. At the end of the day, do what you enjoy doing!
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  11. fisicx

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    Just start writing. Practice reading a news article then create your own version. Watch a TV show the write a review. Write a critical analysis of something.

    A course will not teach you how to write. What you need to do is churn out content. Fast.
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  12. Darren_Ssc

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    Becoming an authority in a certain niche can open up a lot of possibilities. Some niches are easier to moentise than others though so you should bear this in mind from the outset. For example, you may become the 'go to' site for 'history' but unless your name is David Starkey you're not going to make much money out of it.

    Meanwhile, some guy who happens to be an expert on air conditioning can monetise his content easily by either bringing in leads for his own business or by selling air conditioning equipment himself or via referrals.

    OK, maybe not the best example, but you get the gist.

    As for writing for others. I've had 4 freelancers over the years who have all been great but none of have made much money other than it being a nice sideline to their day job.
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  13. The Byre

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    If anyone here knows about writing for a living, that anyone is me! I started as a trade hack in the 80s and by 1999 I was the proud owner of a news agency that I sold so that I could retire at the grand old age of 50.

    Here are some things you may not want to hear but sadly need to hear -

    1. You can't write. I know you can't write because although when I started out, despite having various certificates in electronics and a degree in economics, I couldn't write either. Very, very few people can write. Most hacks can't write and are reduced to churning out rubbish that is mostly just a rehash of agency reports. It takes years to learn how to write. Just read 'Over Seventy' by PG Wodehouse about his earlier years to get an idea of what it means to learn to write! Years and years of churning out bad copy, until you one day learn what good copy really looks like!

    2. As Darren says, nobody wants to hear your 30-cents worth on history or psychology. Psychologists and dusty old history profs the world over are amazed to discover that all their scribblings are roundly ignored, despite being fully qualified and steeped in learning. That's because they have not learned how to communicate - yep, we're back to learning how to write!

    3. I always told my journalists that if they want to earn a living, they have to sell 2,000 words a day. That is 2,000 finished, completed, polished and ready-to-go, print-ready words. That is work. It also means that you have to be able to type at c.a. 60wpm and take shorthand.

    4. Once again Darren nails it - there's more money in writing about airconditioning than the circumstances surrounding the death of Richard III. My agency covered trade topics and we did anything and everything from sewage systems to aircraft and from mobile phones to steel manufacture. Richard III may be interesting (not really!) but there is real money in people defecating. Nobody is moved by Richard III, but billions are spent moving 'Richards'!

    5. It takes ages to build up a career as a writer and it is based on an overwhelming need to communicate. One book that you abandoned hardly speaks of a need to communicate. Start on those 2,000 words - now! Tomorrow, it'll be another 2,000 words!

    And if you want to write advertising copy - here's a video by your truly just for you -

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  14. Mr D

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    2000 words a day?

    Have done that in under 3 hours for a university assignment.

    For history, write a book. A friend of mine wrote several over his lifetime, two of them were biographies.
    And he used to get around 500 pounds a year income. Not bad for a pensioner.
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  15. Naheed Mir

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    You should start your own blog and start writing there. If you need more writers, you should visit freelancing platforms.
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