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    With competitive pricing on a per employee basis, you will have access to a complete online Human Resources Management System that works directly from your browser. It combines essential efficiency tools with exclusive, high-impact extras to help you make a real company difference with HR.


    Some of the many features are:
    • Cloud based HR Software, so you and your staff can securely login anywhere in the world, on any device, without installing any software.
    • Allow your employees to keep their personal information up to date, such as bank details, contact details & next of kin.
    • Sickness & absence monitoring, including alerts & warnings for problem patterns.
    • Submit electronic holiday requests for approval by management. Managers can approve via logging into the system or simply from the notification email.
    • Store important employee documents such as employment contracts. You can also control who can have access to each document.
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    For a free web demo of our HR Software, call us on 01242 238630 or email us at [email protected].

    WorkPlace HR are an outsourced HR provider, but we work with your company and employees in mind. Our software is available to all companies large and small and we will only supply you with the services you need. We can assist existing HR departments as well as act as a fully outsourced HR resource.
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