Online Grocery Shopping Beats Electronic Items Online Sales For First Time

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    Statistics from the UK’s largest free to use discount and voucher code website have revealed that sales related to online supermarket shopping have outstripped electronic and gadget related online sales for the first time since internet retail was established.

    More people than ever before are now buying their weekly shopping online from supermarkets with Tesco taking the lead as the customers favourite, meaning that for the first time ever, internet based sales of electronic items such as computers and televisions are not the number one most purchased items on the web.

    Sales statistics from MyVoucherCodes have revealed that more people are now looking to find bargains on their essential items such as bread and milk and are being attracted to the online supermarket sites because of the exclusive offers and discounts on home delivery as well as shopping.

    The Top Four current online shopping sectors are; online grocery shopping with 31% of sales; 25% of sales for electronic items such as computers, TV’s and gadgets; 21% of sales attributed to clothing and fashion items and; 15% of sales related to holidays.

    Having identified the upwards trend in web-based supermarket shopping MyVoucherCodes commissioned further research into which supermarkets were the most popular and how much was being spent on average.

    4238 people from across the UK took part in the research and revealed that Tesco leads the way when it comes to the most popular online supermarket website with 44.2% of people saying they shopped at the retail giant leaving ASDA trailing with just 23.2% and Sainsbury’s with only 11.7% of market share. The rest of sales were attributed between brands such as Waitrose, OCADO, Iceland and John Lewis*.

    The research also revealed that the average amount spent on online groceries was £53.00 per week and the North West is the region that uses online supermarkets the most, followed by the South East, London, South West and North East.

    Speaking about the results the Managing Director of MyVoucherCodes said,
    “We were amazed at the fact that supermarket sales are now beating PC’s and TV’s when it comes to online shopping and this is surely down to the fact that people are looking to find the best bargains to get them through everyday life in these tough economic times.”

    “As you would expect the supermarkets are masters when it comes to marketing and we are seeing an increase in discount and voucher codes relating to free deliveries of groceries to encourage more people to use their online services.”

    He continued, “This is the largest piece of research we have ever commissioned and just over 4200 people took part. We wanted to try and get a better understanding of what types of discounts and vouchers people are looking for and it is clear that supermarkets lead the way.” is the largest directory of active UK discount codes, some of which offer up to 30% off purchases from large LCD televisions and holidays.

    MyVoucherCodes launched 18 months ago and in that time has become the leading free voucher and discount code Website in the UK. The site has 3 million unique visitors per month**, and over 250,000 people have now signed up to the weekly newsletter that delivers the latest bargains and discounts into their inbox.

    The site monitors and updates the new vouchers and discount codes every day thanks to a combination of people sending them in to help other consumers and the site owner using technology to keep a watchful eye on the market place.

    For more information visit



    For more information on the gadgets purchased or to set up interviews with Mark Pearson please call Andy Barr, 10 Yetis Public Relation Agency, on 01452 348211 or email [email protected]

    My Voucher Codes has been featured in the likes of The Times, The Independent, The Sun, The Metro and on the BBC.

    MyVoucherCodes is the 4th fastest growing website in the UK.

    *Top Retailers For Online Grocery Shopping – according to customers
    1. Tesco 44.2%
    2. The ASDA 23.2%
    3. Sainsbury’s 11.7%
    4. Ocado 7.6%
    5. Waitrose 6.9%
    6. John Lewis 3.5
    7. Iceland 2.6%
    Other – 0.3%

    **This is unique visitors and not repeat browsers
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    Hahaha - yetis never seem to fail :D:p
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    Cheers Stefan, gone really well this one...
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    Good work from the Yetis team, but not all that surprised by the results. Everyone does supermarket shopping, many weekly, so this was always going to be a big online market and larger than one-off items like TV's.
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    As you say, it's no surprise that online grocery shopping has taken off. Buying online is merely a variation of mail order for many and so it's an easy emotional leap for shoppers. Add to that the cost of driving and congestion in many areas and it's a no-brainer.

    Where the backlash might start is if the online grocery stores don't get a grip on delivery costs. I use a website called to keep an eye on online grocery costs but I'm sure there is lots of other info on the web. At one point on the run in to Christmas last year I believe Ocado were charging £12 just for the delivery - before any food costs. at some point consumers will start to lump this into the "rip off Britain" mentality if the online stores don't work it out.

    I understand that ASDA are about to break ranks in some way - I'd be interested to know if anyone has any idea what they might be planning. If they can change the way these charges work the market will have to follow - and if charges are reduced we really will see online grocery deliveries take off.
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    I meat to say that I use Tesco, Ocado and Sainsburys online - I have no particular affiliation and just wait until each one sends me a "we want you back" email with a discount code. I can usually push Ocado to £10 or £15. This is not ideal for the operators - they need loyalty - but I guess that while the market is developing there will be an element of buying market share.
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