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    Hi guys,

    I am the director of a paper shredding/recyling company that operates around Kent, Sussex & Surrey. Whilst there is facility to recycle paper/cardboard for residential waste, the councils seem to be a bit slow on the uptake for the commercial sector.

    Paper recycling companies (those large enough to generate decent quantities of paper anyway) have two sources of income.

    Firstly, they will charge the waste producer (you) for collecting your paper waste - As the facility is not yet available through any local councils as far as I am aware, then you have no option but to pay for this service. If you generate only a small volume of paper, but are responsible as a company and do not want to send it to landfill, then you could potentially take it to your local recycling bins. However....this poses two problems. Firstly, it is illegal to dispose of commercial waste this way, no matter how small the volume. Secondly, it is likely that any office paper you are disposing of (depending on your business) may contain personal details of either staff or customers. By personal details, this just has to be a name and/or address. Under The Data Protection act, you are required by law to dispose of this information securely. In other words, you have to use a licensed company to dispose of your commercial waste. This may be why councils are reluctant to take up the initiative for commercial recycling.

    Secondly, the watse disposal company will sell your waste paper on to a merchant for an agreed price per tonne - Don't panic, as long as you are using a licensed, reputable company, your waste will be either shredded or pulped (or both) securely before being baled and sold on to India, China wherever the market demands. Paper prices are dictated by demand, much the same as scrap metal prices fluctauate regularly, so does the price of paper. We are currently in a bit of a lull, with prices hopefully due to increase in the next couple of months (Hopefully...!!).
    It is therefore possible that, depending on the quantity of paper you produce, the quality of the 'grade', and the price of paper that your disposal contractor is re-selling it for, you may be offered a free recycling service. This is great, but be sure to check that you are guaranteed this service regardless of market fluctuation as you may find that if the prices slump dramatically, your waste disposal contractor is no longer interested in collecting your waste free, or worse, at all.

    Sorry for the long post.....hopefully this explains the way our recycling system currently works in the UK and should give you a clearer idea of what to look for in your recycling contractor.

    Always make sure they are licensed, you can check a company on the register by visiting the Environment Agency website and searching for 'waste carriers license'

    If they don't turn up on this register, request to view their license or avoid them . YOU are the one who will be prosecuted for illegally disposing of your waste.

    Hope this helps! Please Message me if you would like any further advice.
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    Try shredding your paper waste then passing it on to animal shelters or farms for litter. Make sure you don't include any staples, etc..
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