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Discussion in 'Wales' started by Robert Groom, Apr 12, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    We're a business costs reduction company based in Bridgend and we offer a totally free of charge service to help reduce your Energy, Telecoms, Chip & Pin services and EPOS Systems costs.

    We will provide a review for you to see if you are on the best rates possible, if you are then great, we'll let you know straight away. If you aren't then we will let you know how much you can save and how you go about it. There's no obligation involved so it's totally your choice whether you'd like to make the saving.

    86% of our clients have saved on average £1300 per year against their current suppliers and with all our services totally free, the worst case scenario is that you walk away knowing you were on the best rates. However, like most clients, you could end up making a significant saving.

    We get asked a lot: "How do you get paid then if it's free?". We're totally transparent on this and it's a system that many industries use. We work with the top 43 suppliers on the market so if we are able to save your company say...£1300 per year (example), you're happy. The supplier that has given you that deal is happy as they have a new customer and then it's them who pay us a finders fee meaning that you never pay us a penny. Neither do we take a slice of your saving.

    We don't hassle, we don't hard sell. We consult you on whether you're able to make a saving firstly and then if you can, we can organise everything for you so you don't have to do a thing. We take the hassle out of saving money.

    If you would like to receive a free review or if you would like more information, call Steve on 01656 720999 or visit our website:

    Kind regards,
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