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  1. SpikeFMT

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    I have already posted this on the Covid threads but thought I would post here as well

    This morning one of my employees has called in to say that one of his children has Covid symptoms and that he has to Isolate for 7 days, I suspect that he is trying to pull a sickie as he has been moaning lately about how we should go into lockdown etc, He is also due to be off for a weeks booked holiday for next week, I am trying to find out what I can or should do in this instance.
    Do I only pay SSP,
    Can I cancel his holiday next week
    Can I insist he takes a test locally
    It may be that its all true and correct but I am not 100% convinced
    Any help appreciated
    Posted: Oct 19, 2020 By: SpikeFMT Member since: Jan 13, 2018
  2. jimbof

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    SSP is payable it seems.

    I don't think you can insist he take a test. He should probably be trying to get a test for his kid with symptoms, but I think your worker is only able to get a test if they themselves develop symptoms. No symptoms = no test. The purpose of the isolation is to give time to see if symptoms develop.

    I think you only need give him notice equivalent to the length of holiday that you're going to cancel, so seems like you could. I guess there are other questions about whether you should.
    If you don't trust the employee then it sounds like you should be looking to jettison them more permanently anyway...
    Posted: Oct 19, 2020 By: jimbof Member since: Apr 10, 2020
  3. Ray Newman

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    This duplicated thread is now closed. See the original here.
    Posted: Oct 19, 2020 By: Ray Newman Member since: Dec 13, 2018
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