Nursery Furniture, Baby Bedding and Baby gifts

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    Nursery Furniture, Baby bedding and baby gifts for all.

    If you have just discovered you are pregnant, first of all CONGRATUALTIONS !!

    As your mind is spinning around about all the various elements you need to think about, including fitting out your spare room as a nursery, is here to help.

    One of the simplest and easiest approach to fitting out a nursery with nursery furniture and baby bedding is to buy a complete set from our website.

    Nursery furniture and baby bedding sets allow you to buy everything in one go, in a matching set and from one place. This means you then do not need to worry if something goes ‘end of line’ and you then need to hunt around from shop to shop or website to website, searching for that elusive missing piece…err no thanks!

    A nursery furniture set typically includes a Cot, wardrobe, changing unit / set of drawers and a mattress. Some of our ranges include free delivery and even free assembly, if you are not the DIY type. The fitters will even take away all the packaging the nursery furniture came in, so no large boxes and packages outside the house until collection day.

    Don’t forget nursery bedding for the nursery, we offer some great bargains on something called bedding bales. Everything you need for your little ones new nursery room. Baby bedding sets even include matching items for the nursery to really make the place special for baby. We have items such as wallpaper borders, matching toys, curtains, lampshade and even artwork all at

    One tip for baby bedding, I learned the hard way, is you can never have enough clean sheets, believe me from experience, finding out you don’t have a clean spare sheet at 3am is ‘serious sense of humour failure territory’ ! Buy extra when you buy your bedding sets, we can supply these easily.

    Some of our most popular nursery furniture sets are from Izziwotnot and Lollipop Lane..…each providing great and imaginative styles as well as also offering traditional ranges and looks. We are more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have about each line…do drop us a line or email.

    Some of the most popular baby bedding sets have been Lottie Fairy Princess and the Humphrey’s Corner ranges as well as Little Red Car.
    Visit our website today and see the full ranges of baby bedding.

    Finally, if you are buying for a friend or family member, we offer a wide range of fantastic baby gifts ranging from baby bouquets, baby hampers, wooden toys and if you are truly looking for something a little unusual, a great soft toy range called Deglingos…these are super quirky but fun.

    Totally unique to are our Children Plaques. They are handmade by my Cousin in California and made to order, these plaques really don’t do themselves justice on a website, in real life they are absolutely fantastic and everyone who has bought one has commented how surprised they were and how much better they were in real life.

    We also have a great offer if you would like to send fresh flowers to the new parents. See our home page for more information and click on the advert to take you the flower site.

    Buying online at couldn’t be simpler, simply visit and then look at the nursery furniture or baby bedding set section, browse away to your hearts content.

    Cannot find what you are looking for? No problem, just email [email protected] or call us and we help out. Need to ask a question about a product or need more information about it and talk to a mum who has been there done it and got the T Shirt…again, no worries drop us a line, we are more than happy to talk about any of our products.

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    My wife gave birth to our Son two weeks ago so I'll browse through your products to see if I can pick up something unique up for the nursery.
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    Hey congratulations...hope you are getting some sleep.....
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    Unfortunatley sleep seems to have gone out of the window!

    We seem to be operating on a continous cycle of 2 hours sleep, feed and nappy change throughout the night.

    Would'nt change it for the world though...
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    Your wife might be interested in the article I just put on my blog...Ten things people don't tell you about having a baby !!! but I guess as your two weeks in now, you probably know the score ....

    Congratulations again
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    Wow you really have put some great threads together on here! I have never seen or heard of this great merchandise I will be sure to be spreading the word!! Thanks a gain!
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    We are expecting our first in October, i'll take a look through your site for some bits.

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    Hey great news and congratulations on the will change your life. Please do check out the site and if you haven't got your nursery furniture yet we have some great offers and can even come round and build it for you.

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    i like pink mouse push along in 4little1s, its so cute.....=))
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    Hi there, I found some really good children's bedroom accessories and children's gifts at Maybe you could try them out.
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    Thanks Orian
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    hey.... i have visited Royal Bambino website. It was a great
    experience of shopping for my baby bedroom furniture. You can
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    Thanks Jack
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    Hi there, this is great this is someone I am looking for. There was someone on my forum looking for a wholesaler , or a dropshipper who sells baby products . Please leave your details in my forum below.
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    Hi thanks For giving the information but i can't find Crib Bedding there can u please suggest me sites to shop online ?
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