Not 100% sure what marketing is, or how to do it?

Discussion in 'Sales, Marketing & PR' started by AllUpHere, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Parcelhub

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    Marketing is understanding, communicating and then satisfying a client's needs profitably.
    Posted: Jun 23, 2016 By: Parcelhub Member since: Feb 9, 2015
  2. Joel Bissitt

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    Great post AllUpHere, really sound advice!
    Posted: Jun 25, 2016 By: Joel Bissitt Member since: Jul 2, 2015
  3. Monquiel

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    Branding is everything you do, that what I think.
    Posted: Jul 7, 2016 By: Monquiel Member since: Jun 24, 2016
  4. jefhasmi

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    I would suggest looking at a few of the top companies in the world and taking on notes on what attracts you and friends to their brand.
    Posted: Jul 8, 2016 By: jefhasmi Member since: Jul 2, 2016
  5. Communication Specialists

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    I would say marketing is a combination of the things you do from logo design, website design, marketing efforts such as FB, Linkedin, Twitter (for networking) to adwords and analytics and content which is for your customers and not for search engines. Being clear, concise, fair and objective

    Marketing has become confusing over the years as people want their businesses on page 1 but sometimes forget to just aim their content at their customers which in turn would lead to good SERPs

    I agree branding is a great place to start :)

    Posted: Aug 5, 2016 By: Communication Specialists Member since: Aug 5, 2016
  6. Mistahclarke

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    there is some great advice on this post, thanks all.
    Posted: Aug 10, 2016 By: Mistahclarke Member since: Aug 10, 2016
  7. Jtabb7

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    To me successful marketing is when a business gets itself into a position that it has such a clear understanding of who it's ideal customers are that they are able to build strong relationships with these people and in turn the products sell itself and lead to repeat purchases.
    Posted: Aug 25, 2016 By: Jtabb7 Member since: Mar 8, 2016
  8. Copper Valley

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    Couldn't agree more. Marketing permeates every aspect of the business function. In essence, every employee in a business helps to effectively take a firm's product or service to market.
    Posted: Oct 17, 2016 By: Copper Valley Member since: Oct 17, 2016
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    Awesome message you got there! I had to admit I enjoyed reading it and was able to learn something from your message. Thank you!:)
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  10. Ostrich2000

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    Word of mouth is the oldest form of marketing, probably one of the oldest one at the time of the oldest profession and probably one of the quickest and best way to avoid pain and get results.

    Nothing has changed.

    It's just that nowadays marketing tactics (e.g PPC, Ads etc., etc.,) are mistaken for Strategies that have always worked (forming strategic partnerships, upselling, crosselling, downselling, bundling etc.).

    Traditional marketing is strategic in nature. It always worked, it will always work. Go to Starbucks, Ikea, McDonald's, you will see all of these strategies applied on the outside and tactics (e.g. new blend, new drink) applied to the existing customers.

    It seems that nowadays people seem to try applying tactics to prospects and more often than not waste a lot of money.
    Posted: Oct 28, 2016 By: Ostrich2000 Member since: Sep 29, 2016
  11. Lorrina Smith

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    Now this time Marketing is a good technique to produce our services. its not just way ....its biggest way to make our business what you want.easily sales our services and convence to client.
    Posted: Nov 3, 2016 By: Lorrina Smith Member since: Sep 6, 2016
  12. Chris No Limits In Life

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    Great Shout Ostrich2000

    I think that marketing is strategic in nature but people have a tendency to over think it and maybe go down a path that wont bring them what they need, which will lead them to spend money with little or no return.

    Speaking of word of mouth I have often found that free/low cost marketing, building relationships, and establishing brand is more effective in both attracting new and developing existing customers.
    Posted: Nov 3, 2016 By: Chris No Limits In Life Member since: Oct 31, 2016
  13. JandJC

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    This is a very interesting discussion, its amazing how many variations there seem to be on the definition of marketing.

    I have a question, are you marketing yourself, your product / service or both? And what is the differential in marketing when it comes to your brand?
    Posted: Nov 12, 2016 By: JandJC Member since: Feb 10, 2012
  14. Banksbroo

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    My company is probably a good example of a company which thinks it doesn't do any marketing. I just happen to identify a market, design products which fit those markets, make the product easy to buy, deliver what the customer expects and communicate with customers and enquiries quickly and pleasantly.
    I don't use twitter, facebook, PPC, advertise and never send bulk email. My website address is a bit flaky, the company logo is a bit naff, and business has never been better.
    Posted: Dec 2, 2016 By: Banksbroo Member since: Nov 7, 2008
  15. FreebieBoy34

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    This post is thought provoking indeed. I appreciate you sharing this. Thank you!
    Posted: Dec 12, 2016 By: FreebieBoy34 Member since: Sep 28, 2016
  16. Edd Dutton

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    A slightly bias opinion here as it's a passion of mine, but, I complete agree with you here.
    Posted: Dec 14, 2016 By: Edd Dutton Member since: Dec 13, 2016
  17. Modern Retail UK

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    I 100% agree that branding is so important for your business. Once a brand has been established, that is. To develop your brand: personality, style etc you need to market your business to create an awareness of yourself, your product, what you do. As to begin with you are only a business. The goal is to be brand. Then yes, when that seems achievable you should be focusing your marketing efforts on branding. Although, I don't think you should ever put out of your mind the ultimate goal which is sales.
    Posted: Jan 24, 2017 By: Modern Retail UK Member since: Aug 24, 2016
  18. webgeek

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    Having the 4 P's right is apparently enough to sustain your business, given the competition.

    It's a bit like my wife's Subaru Impreza. Lovely design, great handling, superb machine. They started life doing 0-60mph in about 12 seconds. Over time, it got improvements, more displacement, turbocharger, weight loss, gearing mods, ECU programming and whatnot, bringing it's 0-60 time down to 4.2 seconds, faster than an Aston Martin DB9, Vanquish, Vantage and the rest of those quarter million Pound beauties.

    Moral of the story? You can have a lovely Impreza ticking along just fine, and be perfectly happy. Or, you can find ways to improve it and have an awe-inspiring beast.

    Apply this to your business, or not.
    Posted: Jan 25, 2017 By: webgeek Member since: May 19, 2009
  19. Woodhouse Marketing

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    Marketing is hard to describe, but in a nutshell it is taking the customer or prospect on a journey from point a to where you want them to be.

    A lot of companies approach marketing differently but with the same motive in mind.

    The way you'll market will differ form the way other firms or companies will market and it isn't a one shoe fits all scenario either.

    I'll come back at some point when I can find time and read this thread properly.

    That was just 2 pence
    Posted: Feb 21, 2017 By: Woodhouse Marketing Member since: Feb 18, 2017
  20. aflat9

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    Very true! I am a 'marketing manager' for one company and director of another. Everything I do day to day is marketing! I spend most of my time trying for SEO and PR!
    Posted: Feb 27, 2017 By: aflat9 Member since: Feb 25, 2017