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    Hi, I'm hoping someone may be able to clarify something for me.
    We are a Town Planning/Architecture consultancy. Do I need to obtain a separate specific consent to hold information about a client relative to their request for us to engage in services or is it just for marketing preferences?
    Our clients already sign a contract with us agreeing to the terms and conditions and price of the work when they engage our services. During the course of this work, we will be preparing reports and drawings, which have an identifiable feature to the client i.e. their ownership details of the land we are preparing drawings/permission for. We will also take and record contact details from them in order that we can converse during the period of the project. Is the contract they sign for these works, their consent for us to hold this information that we create, in the course of our work for them or do we need to take a separate consent to hold their data on file?
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    This should all be covered in the contracts - you will probably have to get your standard terms/contract wording updated though. Consent is only one lawful basis for processing. Fulfilment of a contract is another which sounds like the one you would rely on. This should be documented accordingly. Whoever drafts your contracts should be able to put you in good stead. Marketing is a different matter though, generally explicit opt in consent is required although there again are legitimate interests etc that can be relied on. Each activity/process needs to be evaluated.
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    Perfect, thanks Simon.
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