New Organic Kids T-shirt Brand Launches

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    New kids t-shirt company, Arabella Miller Limited, is the first to produce kids t-shirts organically printed in the UK by a Soil Association certified printer. The company produces t-shirts for babies and children aged 0-6, which are certified organic by the Soil Association. The opening collection has three themes: Pet Pals, Minibeasts and Space.

    A Director of Arabella Miller, explains "my baby daughter suffers from excema and so I prefer her to wear organic cotton next to her skin. I was looking for some t-shirts one day and when I couldn't find t-shirts which were exactly what I wanted - organic as well as funky - I decided to produce my own."

    "I wanted to be as organic as possible, including the ink, and that meant applying for Soil Association certification. This means that you can be 100% confident that Arabella Miller t-shirts are seed to final product organic. Our entire supply chain is genuinely organic all the way, appealing to people who care about the environment as well as style."
    [​IMG]Notes to Editors:
    • Arabella Miller Limited can be reached on 020 7043 2120, by email - [email protected] or via the website .
    • The company produces organic t-shirts for babies and children. Sizes range from 0-6 years for both boys and girls, but most designs have a strong unisex appeal.
    • The opening collection has three themes: Pet Pals, Minibeasts and Space with nineteen designs across the range. The designs have a pop art feel, using bright colours and simple lines.
    • Each t-shirt is 100 per cent organic ethically traded cotton and printed with environmentally friendly ink.
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    May I wish you well with this new launch Alison.

    Would still be good to hear from you too later this weekend if you can find the time.

    Best wishes.

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    Good luck Alison.
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    Well Done Alison and I wish you the very very best!
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    Good luck Alison
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    Nice release... best of luck with it.
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    Great release! Great news! Best of luck to you!
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    Very cool products. Good luck with everything.
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    Alison - great product.
    can you let me know how it goes? When the 2nd edition of Strategies of the Serengeti comes out late next year this could be a good mini-case study to replace some of the others in the 'Strategies of the Cheetah' chapter.
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    Ooh - I hope a cheetah is a good thing to be ;)
    No problems Stephen - I'd be pleased to help :D
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